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Monday, 20 May 2013

Musing In May


'Now children may 
Go out of doors,
Without their coats,
To candy stores.

The apple branches
And the pear
May float their blossoms through the air,

And Daddy may 
Get out his hoe
To plant tomatoes
In a row,

And afterwards,
May lazily
Look at some baseball
On TV.'

- John Updike 1932- 2009

The illustration is the from Cecily Mary Barker's 'A Flower Fairy Alphabet'.

Of course it could just as well be Mummy who is planting those tomatoes! 


  1. Well that may apply to some days in May but not all of them this year. The weather still can't make up it's mind what to do, though it turned out to be a lovely day yesterday.

  2. "May" is the right word... IF the weather permits! Sunny but rather cool here still!

  3. A poem for warmer days - bring them on, it's been unusually cool here this May.

  4. Maybe not quite this May, but still enchanting

  5. Well written. Oregon's May weather has been fabulous. I hope yours is too, Anna.

  6. Your blog wasn't showing your flower fairy picture, Anna - maybe just a temporary glitch? I wonder which one it was...?


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