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Monday, 27 October 2014

In A Vase On Monday ~ Still Blushing

I picked a spray of this rose in the third week of June, along with some sweet peas for a vase which you can see here. The sweet peas are done and dusted but the rose is covered with sprays which have started to open during the last few days. The flowers are not as pristine as they were in the summer - some of the petals are peppered with small holes, but from a distance with my eyes squinting they look as every bit as fresh. What seems to have faded with time though is the scent. I'm not sure whether it's my imagination but do roses loose scent as the months progress? Maybe it's temperature related. I'm not sure whether all the buds will have the chance to open before the onset of colder weather but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some roses in November.

The rose in question is 'Blush Noisette' which I fell for when we visited the 'Queens Garden' at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire a few years ago. It arrived here the following January as a bare rooted rose which severely tested my powers of imagination. However to my delight out from a twiggy mass leaves and flowers duly emerged and opened that summer.'Blush Noisette' dates back to about 1814 and can be grown either as a shrub or as a small climber.

The little vase is a relatively new inexpensive one, which I think I picked up from that well known Swedish furniture store renowned for its meatballs. I've still to try them.

With thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' who came up with the idea of sharing a vase of flowers to celebrate the start of a new week.


  1. It's such a gorgeous colour, a shame about the scent though. I've never noticed roses losing their scent as the year wears on but perhaps they do.

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  3. I love the rose - it's amazing how things are still flowering and it's nearly November isn't it. I have roses still going strong and today I noticed some sweet peas blooming away too!

  4. A beautiful rose looking lovely in your green vase.

  5. Anna I can see why you love this rose...and a perfect little vase. And I really love the first image especially!

  6. I love your rose and that vase - a perfect combination.

    BTW I have the answer to my daffy dahlia conundrum - it's a chimera according to the RHS :)

  7. How lovely to enjoy roses at the end of October. I can't remember when we last had so many roses blooming at this time of the year. I love your Blush Noisette and it looks perfect in the green vase.This well-known meatball shop sells incredibly cheap plant pot holders and stylish vases . I have several square glass ones from there which are really useful.

    1. yes - the square glass vases live here too. A souvenir from Swiss days.

  8. Well I like your vase, The 'shop' in question often has some really good things but then the other things can be rubbish, all it takes is a good eye to buy the 'good' things - you obviously have the eye. For the rose too, which is lovely. The scent might be a temperature 'thing' I've noticed mine don't smell as much in the evening as they do in the heat of the day. Sorry about so many 'things' but it is a useful word!

  9. I still have roses coming into bloom - how lovely is that 😊. An added bonus at the end of the gardening year - your posy is delightful.

  10. I was walking to the pharmacy this morning and noticed a shrub rose smothered in blooms in one of the front gardens that sits in a really exposed position. Such an odd autumn, but what a treat for your vase.


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