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Monday, 17 July 2017

In A Vase On Monday ~ Bounty

It's vases in the plural this week. The first vases were picked slightly prematurely on Friday afternoon and went to other homes. Our allotment association took part in a local annual fun day on Saturday. We have been kindly invited to have a stall there for several years now. We took plants, flowers, fruit, veggies, jam and chutney to sell. All our profits go towards the cost of insuring our composting toilet on the allotment site. Friday saw me at the allotment picking sweet peas and dahlias. I picked over a hundred stems of sweet peas some of which stayed at home but there was enough to make up four bunches for the sales table. A couple of bunches were the first very sale of the day. They were bought by two young lads who had an earnest debate beforehand as to which was their favourite colour of sweet pea flower. It was the highlight of the afternoon for me! Young gardeners in the making.

Back to the allotment this morning to do more watering, weeding and picking before it got too hot. Look what was waiting for me .... yet more sweet peas!

Thanks as always to the lovely Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for encouraging bloggers to share vases full of sunshine and flowers every Monday. Do call in to see her latest vase and to follow links to other vases from far and wide.


  1. Your sweet peas are so pretty Anna. They are such a bounteous flower to grow.

  2. Un très joli bouquet simple dans un joli vase !

  3. Oh I love the idea of that sweet pea purchasers' discussion, Anna - how lovely to have witnessed it :) Gorgeous sweet peas on the stall and in your vase - what a winning flower this is. Does anyone not like them (excluding those allergic to fresh blooms, of course)?! Hope lots of money was raised at the event

  4. Wonderful! Bounty indeed. :)

  5. I find it remarkable that you have sweet peas and dahlias blooming at the same time, Anna. That never happens here. Your sweet pea vases were precious and I'm not at all surprised they sold quickly (or were the subject of discourse).

  6. What a lovely story, you do have a gorgeous selection of colours. That is one of the good things about sweet peas, they just keep coming and are so generous in flowering. Wonderful dark dahlia too.

  7. Just what I was picking too - sweet peas and dahlias.

  8. Let there be gardeners!
    One day you will be able to say, I remember him when ...


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