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Monday, 13 November 2017

In A Vase On Monday ~ "Say Cheese!"

'In A Vase On Monday' is celebrating its fourth anniversary this week. Many, many thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for bringing this element of fun into the week and for your encouragement and generosity as the hostess of this meme. It takes much dedication and energy to grow and sustain a meme over this length of time. I'm in awe of your achievement.

My vase was picked yesterday when to say it was somewhat nippy is an understatement. The skies were blue and sunny but what a bitter north west wind was blowing about. Still I thought that I would wrap up well and get out there. Cathy had asked us to think outside the box when it comes to our choice of vases this week. Initially my mind drew a blank but when I saw this empty Stilton cheese pot in a charity shop early last week I thought that it might fit the bill.

Pickings are getting sparser as the weeks go on but I found a few bits and pieces namely :
  • A few seed heads of lunaria annua.
  • Some twiggy fluff from clematis jouiniana x 'Praecox'.
  • Spent ivy flower heads.
  • A couple of brunnera macrophylla leaves.
  • Some chrysanthemum flowers - the plants came to me via a fellow allotment plot holder. The variety is unknown. At this time of year their colour is most welcome.
  • Sprigs of the white flowering persicaria amplexicaulis 'White Eastfield'. This is a new purchase bought at a plant fair at the beginning of October. I am already smitten. Not only does it provide some late colour but it seems to fading gracefully.
  • Especially for Cathy, a trio of galanthus 'Faringdon Double'. This is an early flowering snowdrop which seems to be especially early this year. I took the pot into the greenhouse for a couple of hours to encourage the flowers to open but they would not oblige. 
The little wooden mouse was a holiday gift from himself.

A big thanks Cathy for enriching the garden blogging community over the last four years with such fabulous vases! 


  1. The yellow Chrysanths are a great substitute for sunshine, although you seem to be having a sunny spell anyway. And how sweet of you to include the precious snowdrops for Cathy. I like the look of that white Persicaria and will keep my eyes open for it as I am planning to order a few new ones in the spring after finding a local supplier. Love your mouse and cheese pot too!

  2. I'm not surprised you are smitten with the persicaria - it's so very pretty and elegant. Your vase achieves cheerful and delicate at the same time (love the mouse!)

  3. It is early for snowdrops! Chrysnathemums are our flower of the moment.

  4. Lovely and you picked your precious snowdrops! Now that is celebrating the 4th anniversary of Cathy's meme in style. My Farringdon's Double is just coming out too but I couldn't bear to pick it.

  5. I am loving these alternatives and so pleased that so many are rising to the challenge :) Thank you for your snowdrop tribute and kind words - I am touched by them. I love ivy flowers so it was good to see them too and a persicaria I have not heard of as well. As Cathy says, the chrysanths inject a ray of warmth into this cold morning! ps I could have loaned you a Mouseman cheeseboard to go with your Stilton and mouse guardian!

  6. Anna this is adorable....and especially with the mouse....and for slim pickings you have found lots of wonderful blooms.

  7. Only an magical gardener like yourself would have snowdrops and chrysanthemums in bloom at the same time! Your sunny and bright arrangement warms the autumn cold.

  8. Lovely arrangement Anna, thanks for a lovely cheery contribution.

  9. Such pretty mums, and the small flowers and ivy esp. look like fireworks celebrating the 4th anniversary. :)

  10. Your vase is as sunny as the day you obviously had yesterday. I just saw a teeny tiny field mouse while shutting my hens in. So cute (outside anyway).

  11. The addition of the mouse was inspired, Anna, and I think the cheese container makes a perfect vase replacement. Even I'm surprised by the snowdrops (but then any snowdrop here would be a surprise)! I envy the mums.

  12. Lovely warming colors and the Clematis is worth growing for the seedheads alone!

  13. Oh how lucky to have snowdrops already. Thank you for braving the chill for this delightful collection!

  14. An arrangement across the seasons Anna.


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