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Saturday, 23 December 2017

Almost There

"'Christmas Eve', Fanny said. 'Christmas Eve'. As if saying it aloud would make her better able to believe it. 'Christmas Eve', and she watched her own breath puff out like pale smoke on the cold air of her bedroom, and turn to a fine mist on the windowpane.

Christmas Eve, was the best of it all, the waiting and laughing, the sense of excitement through the house, like one of Nancy's black pots kept simmering. She thought of the rest of the day, and the evening to come, and saw a gleam of brightness cast forward from the blazing gold of Christmas Day, lancing towards her like the light streaming under the crack beneath a half-open door.

Christmas Day, Fanny thought, is like the room beyond that door, a bright, bright room, an Aladdin's cave of treasure, the tree with its candles and the banked up fire all glowing, and the pile of shining presents, and the Christmas table, heavy with good things, the smells and the laughter and the love and oh, the bright brightness. But for now, she was standing just outside, in the waiting room, and the light from the room that was Christmas Day, just reached her, just touched, and she could feel her heart beat very fast'."

~ an extract from 'Lanterns Across The Snow' by Susan Hill.

Illustration by Lena Anderson.

Well, we're almost there - Christmas Eve is oh so tantalisingly close. Enjoy that most magical day of Christmas as well as the days to follow. Wishing my lovely blogging friends a most Happy Christmas!❤️ xxx


  1. and the three lit candles ready to go - love to linger on the details in the picture.

  2. A peaceful Christmas to you and yours Anna.

  3. I love the build up to Christmas. Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas, have a lovely time.

  4. Dear Anna, what a lovely story and picture. It was a pleasure to follow you through the year and I look forward to the next one. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with good health, laughter and happiness. Best wishes, Annette

  5. You always provide us with the most delightful book extracts or poems, Anna. This is not one I know but perhaps I should be adding it to my reading list, which is always very long. Hope you have bee enjoying the anticipation as much as Fanny

  6. And a very Happy Christmas to you too Anna!

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Anna.

  8. Happy Christmas and New Year, Anna. Wonderful book extract, absolutely perfect for Xmas Eve! Hoping that 2018 is a good one for you. x


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