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Monday, 2 July 2018

In A Vase On Monday ~ Not Quite What the Seed Packet Said

Finally at long last in today's 'In A Vase On Monday' there are ..... wait for it ..... some sweet peas! A trip to water at the allotment this morning revealed just enough sweet peas to pick. Not a plethora to fill a whole vase on their own but a few to act as a filler. My sweet peas have been a source of disappointment this year as far as gemination went so I only have the one wigwam. Now just why some red flowers have materialised I just don't know. I sowed named sweet peas rather than a mix and there were certainly not any red flowered varieties amongst them. Having said that I was delighted to welcome them.

        The sweet pea companions are :
  • Rosa 'The Fairy' - this is a polyantha rose which bears clusters of small light pink flowers from late June right through to the first frosts. The foliage always seems to be glossy and untouched by any signs of black spot etc.
  • A couple of stems of clematis 'Blekitny Aniol' (Blue Angel) which was bought many moons ago from the Country Market in Tavistock, Devon. It runs through rose 'Blush Noisette' and is normally a most attractive combination. The clusters of rose flowers have been crisped by days of intense sunshine so sadly this has spoilt the effect somewhat. There is much deadheading to be done.
  • Allium sphaerocephalon this is a most reliable easy going bulb which flowers after the larger alliums are done and dusted. Its only drawback is that any seedlings can be mistaken for grass when they first come through the soil. I must make a note to buy more bulbs this year. They don't take up much room and the flowers sway gently on wiry stalks.
  • Hordeum jubatum also known as squirrel tail grass and as foxtail barley. The green plumes slowly morph into a silvery - pink as the season progresses. I grew mine from seed sown in March.
Our hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' has put together a vase this week that really encapsulates the weather we are having at the moment. The heat is most definitely on. Have some sunglasses to hand if you haven't already had a peek!


  1. Your posy is very pretty! Sweet peas are always welcome, regardless of color but it is odd that the seed provider mislabeled them, although that happened to me repeatedly this year with bulbs. (Maybe some growers need to improve their quality control processes!) I've been surprised at how well that Allium did here, especially as Alliums in general don't grow well here. I was perplexed by the grower's wide spacing recommendations, however, once I saw them appear.

  2. Whoohoo - sweet peas! Half of my sweet peas have been a failure this year too, but I blame myself for neglecting them earlier in the year, but like you I have an odd red one in a pastel mix which is getting along OK. And I did that allium trick as well although I thought they were seedlings of other alliums so I will need to add more too :( Your pretty clematis is a bit of a mouthful but I do like the idea of a friendship between clematis and Blush Noisette and will study my clematis catalogue for ideas. Your mug of blooms works so well, and you will be enjoying it at home for several days, I guess.

  3. Oh I have some red ones as well and must see what I seeded as I don't recall planting any......but I love any sweet peas and am welcoming more of mine as they begin to grow too! A lovely vase....

  4. Our sweet pea plants haven’t grown very tall yet but have started to flower well. Many stems are really long too.

  5. Typical when buying seed packets! It’s a nice red though and a lovely combo :)

  6. Really pretty, I love the grasses. I wish things would come up as they are supposed to. I have pink Veronica which are supposed to be blue.

  7. The vase is a very pretty shade...just like some of the eggs I have been buying. You have done very well with your sweet peas if they are in the open...

  8. You may not have a plethora of sweet peas but it is what caught my eye first. This year I completely failed with sweet peas but maybe next year. Beautiful vase, Anna!


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