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Monday, 20 May 2019

In A Vase On Monday ~ Butterfingers

Today has been one of those days when my fingers have not been doing as they are told hence the title of this post. They struggled to put up a wigwam at the allotment for the sweet peas to climb up, they were seriously challenged when it came to tie in the  planted sweet peas and then as I was putting my 'In A Vase on Monday' together they managed to decimate a few flower heads sending them flying off into oblivion. My vase has mainly come from the allotment, where the bunnies are enjoying some fine dining experiences this year - the main casualties so far being nigella and cornflowers. I know from previous experience that the latter will recover but I'm not sure about the latter.

In my vase are :
  • Cerinthe major - these flowers have come from a self seeder that overwintered into a most sturdy plant at the allotment. They were being much enjoyed by the bees this morning which made me happy. So far the bunnies don't seem interested. Fingers crossed that it stays that way.
  • Allium schoenoprasum also known as chives. Again these were picked from the allotment. Both leaves and flowers are edible. The flowers have a rather hot kick to them.
  • Some leafiness in the shape of what I think is the edible atriplex hortensis var. rubra commonly known as red orach. I saw a patch of purple coming through the grass when I was filling my watering can at one of the communal taps and closer investigation revealed this leafy lovely. I'm not sure how it ended up where it did but it is a most welcome escapee from another plot.
  • A trio of cornflower 'Black Ball' flowers - the first of the year and again from an overwintered self seeder.
  • Aquilegia vulgaris - just a seedling that has appeared in the garden. The colouring is rather wishy-washy and streaky so the plant is heading for the compost heap. However it conveniently plugged a gap in my vase today.
I'm looking forward to seeing some fabulous creations as bloggers from far and wide post their Monday vases. Thanks to Cathy over 'At Rambling In The Garden' who so kindly enables us to do this every week.


  1. I love the soft pink columbine, which go well with the dark centaurea. Lovely!

  2. Clumsy fingers aren't as bad as a brain that fails to tell you that you need to tie up your sweet peas before they get out of control, which is where I fell down on the job. I love your deep dark cornflowers! I hope your bunnies show better manners as the season progresses.

  3. That a lovely arrangement...hope your fingers are faring better today. Now those are what cerinthes should look like! You are so right about their being a favourite with bees. The vase is a fab colour to show off the colours and works beautifully with that wonderfully dark cornflowers.

  4. The purple leaves are a lovely backdrop for the cerinthe and the pale aquilegua. I am beginning to think I must try growing cerinthe again. I tried once and had no success, possibly due to snails!

  5. Sorry about your butter fingers, Anna - I do hope this is not an everyday occurrence. The blend oof colours in your vase (jug?)works really well - I am amazed at the floriferousness of the cerinthe. Self seeded cerinthe seems to be bigger and hardier than freshly grown - not that I get self seesed ones very often! Your cornflower seems nice and early and mine are nowhere near yet - I made the mistake of planting 2 batches of Blue Boy in the cutting beds instead of one and another of Black Ball, so I am just waiting for them to flower so I can swap them round!

  6. Almost a free vase with all those self sown ones. Nature often does it better than us.

  7. Ceritnthe is such a wonderful colour and how obligingly it seeds around. In fact all your flowers are self seeders and how pretty they look in your vase.

  8. Very pretty and romantic, Anna, and I do hope your fingers are behaving again. Is this connected to temperature? I'm struggling with a (yes, it's just one) bunny too which is digging up the lawn and meadow. Put up all sorts of traps but so far without success. Think it's been nibbling at my Clematis as well. Soon the soil will turn to concrete and it'll go, I hope, it's always been like this. Happy spring days, take care x

  9. Cerinthe is prolific isn;t it. Somehow it's found it's was from one suie of the plot the other.


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