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Monday, 27 May 2019

Rain Stops Play

Himself refuses point blank to take to the highways on bank holidays but usually spins me to the allotment for an outing. Today though with its blustery wind and frequent showers saw me stay put at home. Time was well spent in the greenhouse and finally later in the afternoon there was a chance to whizz round the garden and pick a few flowers. 

In this week's 'In A Vase on Monday' are one of the first buds from the 'New Dawn' rose, cornflower 'Purple Ball' (not this grown this colour before - a definite will do again), astrantia (identity lost in time), spikes bearing small purple and white flowers from what I think is scutelleria (a prolific self seeder), some physocarpus leafiness which seems to have more or less vanished into the background and finally the pink flufiness which is persicaria bistorta superba.  

Thanks to Cathy who blogs at over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for providing a platform to share our vases on Mondays, come rain or shine, high days and  holidays.


  1. Your Astrantia looks like Shaggy, Anna, and I like the look of Purple Ball, which I have not come across but will be adding to my seed list for next year. They contribute with New Dawn and the persicaria to make such a soft and gently coloured vase that looks most effective. I noticed today (we just had light showers - until this evening when we had some proper rain - so no play was stopped) that my New Dawn is covered in buds this year, which looks promising

  2. Hurrah...we had rain last night. So pleased you had some too. That astrantia with its green veining and tips and pale pink flowers are really beautiful. The persicaria too is quite beautiful...I am noting the name down so that I can compare its growth habits in any garden I visit this summer. Lovely arrangement.

  3. I love those soft pastels, Anna. The rose is gorgeous. Astrantia is high on the list of plants I covet and can't grow. I mail-ordered one plant last year (they're not commonly available here) and tried growing it but it promptly disappeared when it got hot and even our healthy winter rains didn't bring it back.

  4. Aah, Astrantia season again. How lovely with your pastel pinks and mauve. :)

  5. We don’t venture too far afield during bank holidays either


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