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Monday, 24 June 2019

IAVOM- Thereby Hangs A Tale

Never mind the 'Chelsea Chop' - it was more like the 'Malvern Chop' when my centaurea cyanus 'Polka Dot Mixed' and nigella 'Persian Jewels' provided hearty fare for grazing rabbits in early May. I knew from previous experience that the cornflowers would survive but I wasn't sure about the nigella, which was reduced overnight from a frothy green haze to pathetic tattered stumps.

So this week's 'In A Vase On Monday' shows that happily both have survived to tell the tale. They were sown directly at the allotment sometime in mid September where they have both been left to get on with things. I did a little bit of thinning out but other than providing support for the cornflowers have not paid either any special attention. The cornflowers have been blooming since the start of June but these are the first nigellas to open. Both are from packets of mixed colour seeds but I've noticed that blue seems to the dominant colour in the resulting flowers of both varieties.  Maybe next year I will stick to packets of single colours and create my own mix. I couldn't resist adding some lagurus ovatus also known as bunny's tail grass to complete the vase which must have been a milk jug in a former life.

As always a special thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for her weekly invitation to share our vases. A little peek over there has revealed that some beautiful sweet peas and tempting cake are on the menu this week. A most irresistible combination!


  1. Do you find that September sown annual are taller and stronger than those sown in spring, Mine definitely are. I don't even thin mine. We haven't a rabbit problem but wood pigeons have taken to snipping off dahlia flowers to spite us for covering the brassicas.

  2. Ah yes, the bunny tail grass is a quirky addition! I love Nigellas but haven't managed to get any started this year. I will have to try sowing some in September and see if that works for here. :)

  3. I had to smile at your response to the different bunnies - nibbling ones not good, waving in the wind bunny tails good! People here enthused about the lagurus and would have snapped it up if it had been on the plant stall, even if it is an annual...perhaps next year? Does yourse self seed at all? Your mixed seeds have produced a dramatic display for a pretty country style vase but I too would go for mixed packets. Thanks for sharing, Anna

  4. Naughty rabbits! I'm glad to see your Centaurea and Nigella were able to bounce back from their chomping. My own Nigella are done for the season - maybe they could have benefited from chomping ;)

  5. Nigella and cornflowers - what a lovely combination! Glad they survived the rabbits!

  6. Nigella seeds itself freely in my garden and, so far, has escaped any nibbling. I love its frothiness ans the seed heads are so good as well. I will have to look out for some Bunny Tail grass, they go so well together.

  7. Loved the title of your post....then the tale and then the bunny tail in your vase!


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