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Monday, 10 June 2019

In A Vase On Monday ~ 'Tragedy'

Well it was almost a tragedy! Picture the scene : 'In A Vase On Monday' assembled and waiting to be photographed. Vase left perching on top of wall behind which there is a good drop down into a stream. Me retreating indoors to find my camera and returning a few minutes later to see a squirrel inching along the wall towards the vase ready to send it toppling. A silent stand off ensued which I'm most relieved to say I won and the vase has survived to tell the tale. I would have probably cried if the vase had been broken. It is a favourite. Although I don't anything about its history it came to me from my mother. A salutary lesson has been learnt. Vases will not be left unattended in the future!

The contents of the vase all come from the allotment, where I seem to be spending much of my spare time whenever it's not raining. In the vase are :
  • A rose which grows in no man's land so good material for foraging.
  • Cornflowers 'Black Ball' and 'Mauve Ball' from my plot. I think that I described the latter as 'Purple Ball' in a previous post but that is not the correct name. September sown directly into the ground the cornflowers have got into their stride now. As always when I use 'Black Ball' in photos it seems to disappear but you may see it if you crease your eyes up extra hard!
  • Some stems of alchemilla mollis - this grows outside the allotment community hut and is in flower before my plants at home are.
  • A shimmer of of briza maxima again growing outside the allotment community hut, where it self seeds in profusion every year. I also grew this from seed this year hoping to transplant seedlings on to my plot. Sadly it has not germinated neither has hordeum jubatum, both of which I've grown from seed without problems in the past.  I'm using a new compost this year for all my seed sowing - it is Dalefoot Wool Compost For Seeds which is peat free. Made of bracken and sheep wool is has a most pleasing texture. I've had great results with this so can only put the non-germination down to poor seed.  I'm pleased that I can readily get hold of the briza but will miss out on the other grass for this year. 
Thanks as always to our lovely hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for providing us with the opportunity to start the week on an upbeat note. Do visit so that you can see what is singing in other people's vases this week.


  1. My September cornflowers are flowering well too. They always seem to grow stronger that the summer sown ones. I have poppies too that respond in the same way.

  2. Love the contrast of blue and yellow...and yes screwing up the eyes revealed the darker cornflowers. Cherish your jug....

  3. Ooh, a near thing Anna - glad the staring worked, and I shall know not to cross you in future! What bounty there is to be had down at the sllotment, with all those freebies - your vase is such a lovely confection of summery things. Isn't alchemilla a gorgeous addition? My hordeum didn't germinate this year either but wasn't a problem last year...strange. Thanks for sharing, Anna

  4. Oh, well saved. That would have been very sad. I love the yellow and blue colour scheme. I have Briza seeding everywhere so I hope you manage to get it established. I've also got a couple of Briza media which is very dainty and gorgeous and perennial.

  5. Lovely vase and a little drama and story to go with it. How charming!

  6. I'm glad you won your stand-off with the squirrel it's a very pretty jug and complements this week's flowers just perfectly. I tried growing that Brizia here but it never flowered like that for me. The cornflowers are gorgeous too, not to speak of your freebie roses.

  7. Squirrels have so much to answer for.

  8. A lovely color combination and mix of texture in a sweet jug - I'm so glad the squirrel didn't topple it!

  9. The Alchemilla brings it all alive. Glad the lovely jug survived!


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