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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Almost Wordless Wednesday ~ Fernery

Our visit to RHS Garden Harlow Carr last month coincided with an exhibition entitled 'Seventy Days Of Sculpture', to celebrate the garden's 70th birthday. Sculptors from throughout Yorkshire exhibited their work. Sadly the weather and my camera played up on our visit. We only managed to see a handful of the sculptures on display. I used my phone camera to take one or two snaps before the blue skies turned to a leaden grey peppered with drizzle and that together with a biting wind saw us retreating inside. This sculpture is one that I would have dearly liked to take home with me and is the work of James Wilkinson an artist blacksmith based in North Yorkshire.


  1. I am very fond of ferns, especially in the more shady areas of the garden. That sculpture looks so real

  2. That’s a lovely sculpture very fitting for the location.

  3. It was the fern sculptures I especially liked too, Anna


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