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Saturday, 29 February 2020

February Musing ~ Looking Forwards

Two short snippets to mark the month of February :

"The shingle heavy with dew sparkled in the dawn. A pale blue mist washes over the willows, the larks are up. Such a show of golden crocuses, a ladybird bathes in the pale blue borage - the pussy willow opens - later, in the cold of the dayI walk back home across the shingle - a shimmering opalescent light. Vermeer dipped his brush in such iridescent solitude".

- words from 'Modern Nature' by Derek Jarman.

and ~

"As we sit indoors, looking at the cold rain, nothing seems to move in the garden. But let us go out and look intimately at it, and we see that in spite of this checking weather, growth does not stop.  The perennial bed thickens. Scabious and phlox, delphiniums and veronicas sprout above the earth with their new crowns of leaves. Japonica bursts into flower. The stinging scent of the American currant already comes from shaped buds. Spring is upon us, and will not be hindered by winds or rain, or scurries of snow".

- words from 'Four Hedges A Gardener's Chronicle' by Claire Leighton.

I am wondering what the 'American currant' she mentions is - a form of ribes maybe?

I usually find a seasonal illustration for these monthly musing posts but today I've fast forwarded to early autumn in the shape of a photo I took on a visit in October 2017 to the garden of the late Derek Jarman at Prospect Cottage in Dungeness, Kent.

February here has been an utterly miserable month and to add insult to injury it's a whole extra day longer. Relentless rain and strong wind throughout. The first bee or ladybird of the year remain on the still to be sighted list but surely spring can't be far away. In good faith seed sowing has duly commenced.


  1. Dungeness is such a strange place but very atmospheric. I've often thought it would be fun to make a beach garden.
    I wonder if the American currant is Ribes aureum which has quite a spicy fragrance.
    Let's hope February will be better, we need a bit of sunshine.

  2. Dungeness certainly felt rather unworldly Chloris but a most intriguing place to visit. On a more down to earth note we had some of the best fish and chips we have ever eaten at the Britannia Inn in Dungeness 😄 Thanks for your ribes suggestion which I will look up. I echo your sentiments about sunshine being much needed!

  3. We had a day on Dungeness arriving by the little train, I loved it, we seemed to be the only people there. Your musings sum up the month.

  4. That is a garden I would love to see, but sadly too far for a passing tourist.
    Arriving on a little train would make it perfect!

  5. Poignant quotations, as always. I have never been to Dungeness but hope to one day - so the fish and chip recommendation might well be checked out then!


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