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Friday, 27 November 2020

A Week Of Flowers ~ Day 6

Today I've either gone back a good few months or gone forward a month or so with some snowdrops from my garden. Although I make some fuss of my special named snowdrops I love the snowdrops in my garden just as much. This year there are already signs that they may be in flower earlier than usual. I'm hoping that the weather turns colder and holds them back a while longer. Although the frost and fog predicted for this morning didn't materialise (it was slightly misty in the early hours) there seems to be a cooling down in the long term forecast. This will suit the snowdrops and other early flowers in the garden. I'm joining in this week with Cathy's 'A Flower A Day' over at Words and Herbs. Do visit her blog and enjoy the flowers both she and other garden bloggers have been sharing today.


  1. For a moment I thought they were flowering already! A lovely sight, especially on such a cold and grey day as today. :-)

  2. Snowdrops are the first thing to flower in my garden and I'm always thrilled to see them, but unlike you, I'll have to wait another four months! Worth waiting for, though. :)

  3. Ahah - that's a good idea, shifting back to early in the year, showing it's not just summer blooms that raise the spirits!

  4. The first snowdrops are a sign of the start of life in the garden, and seem to help my levels of 'hope' grow.


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