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Monday, 8 February 2021

IAVOM ~ Good Companions

Just a couple of flowers in today's 'In A Vase On Monday', quickly gathered on a most cold day when a bitter wind is plummeting the temperature in a downward spiral. It looks as if this cold spell is here for the week and I'm hoping that it might be the last really cold snap of winter. No doubt like most of you spring can't come soon enough for me this year. I much prefer to take all my vase photos out in the elements where not only the light levels are stronger but I'm also not bought to an abrupt full stop when I notice every single speck of dust. However it was much too nippy out there to take my time so I came inside to take my photo. The fairy lights on the mantlepiece remain all year for an instant touch of a button sparkle.

I'm sure you will all recognise the two occupants in the vase - snowdrops and hellebores - both stalwarts and comfortable companions. The varieties of both in this case are both unknown. The snowdrops live in a big container outside and have multiplied over the years. The marking on the petals vary.  I did consider snipping a witch hazel but perhaps my shrubs are still too small so I came down on the side of caution. On the subject of  companions for snowdrops Plant Heritage is running a Zoom lecture this coming Saturday. The event is open to non-members for the most reasonable price of £4.00. Details are here. I listened to another talk on snowdrops via Plant Heritage on Saturday night and was most taken with the speaker's idea of planting her snowdrops without labels in the lawn. Something I've never considered before now.

The vase is one of a set of four, a present from my sister. Each is a different colour. I don't think this one has made a public appearance before. The other three are in need of some intensive care - each having developed a misty bloom on the inside. Any tried and trusted cleaning tips would be more than welcome. 

Thanks as always to our hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' who came up with the idea of sharing vases each week to mark the start of a new week which makes Monday a special day in the diary.


  1. If you asked a glass blower to make you a vase of just the right colour and shape, or perhaps the other way round to a gardener choose me the right flowers to go in this vase, it would not be possible to get better than this. I know what you mean, and often have to get out the damp cloth when trying to take pictures. At least I know I am not alone. Although the snowdrop is nameless it is very pretty, so pretty I think you ought to give it a name. Keep warm and cosy.

  2. They're a match made in heaven, Anna, and the vase has just the same shade of red as the hellebores, such luck. It's not that cold here but the rain doesn't want to stop, it's all squish-squish wherever we go. Keep your chin up, spring is on its way, xx Annette

  3. That rich-colored vase was the perfect choice to accent your lovely snowdrops and that gorgeous hellebore, Anna. I hope you get warmer temperatures soon!

  4. Beautiful, Anna - you have picked the perfect hellebore to match the little vase, and of course snowdrops will only enhance this.

    There are all sorts of things you can use for cleaning vases - washing soda, white vinegar, a denture tablet...depends wht you have. And a vase cleaner is useful - a long brush like the ones you get for plugholes but with a soft end - are really useful to wipe around inside a vase

  5. Oh, those really do go well together and you have the perfect colour vase too. Gorgeous! As for vase cleaning... vinegar is good on glass (but apparently not crystal I have heard). Hope it warms up for you soon. That cold north wind is bringing us freezing temperatures from tomorrow too.

  6. Perfect vase for that hellebore and the purity of the snowdrops elevate the entire arrangement.

  7. What a splendid vase - I'm sure it is carefully treasured. That snowdrop is pretty special too ... another little treasure to cherish. Thanks for pleasure on a dark Tuesday am!

  8. Better without the witch hazel I think. Less is often more and this perfect combo illustrates the point perfectly!

  9. Oh Anna, so simple but stunning! Brilliant photo capture too :-) Hope your weather has got warmer since Monday, our plentiful soft snow has finally been griped by proper freezing temps. Brrrr...


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