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Monday, 22 February 2021

IAVOM - 'Here Comes The Sun'

The quickest of pick and plonks and photo too today for 'In A Vase On Monday'. I have had my eye on the main road today looking out for a bulk delivery of compost - still to arrive at the time of writing and a grocery delivery which looked as if it might sail past but eventually found us. The flowers and the vase are reflecting not only today's sunshine but also an optimism after receiving my first vaccine last week just less than a fortnight after himself. Now to wait until today's road map out of lockdown is revealed in detail.

The flowers are both iris reticulata - 'Eye Catcher' and 'Scent Sational' both of which are little beauties with their exquisite and detailed markings. Sadly they do not seem to do well for me for longer than one season either in pots or in the ground. Still worth a little splash in the autumn for the pleasure they provide. The latter makes a good companion for crocus siberei 'Firefly' so I discovered completely by accident.

With thanks as always to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for hosting this welcome platform for sharing our flowers and foliage on a Monday.


  1. The jury is out on my irises, Anna - some that were potted last year and then planted out have come up, but not always with a flower. They tend to get tatty very easily outside, don't they? Mind you, they are not expensive from Peter Nyssen. As you say, the detail on them is gorgeous, and being able to view them close up like this makes the detail much easier to see. Thanks for sharing. Hope your compost comes - I have had a delivery of compost today too!

  2. Both beautiful irises but that blue one is glorious! Reminds me of the skies here yesterday! Blue and white! Lovely. Amanda

  3. No sign of any irises yer but then again they tend to disappear in out garden.

    Glad to hear that you have had your first vaccine.

  4. I love the Iris, Anna. Every year when I see posts featuring Iris reticulata, I vow I'm going to order bulbs for the following year - maybe it's time to finally put that vow in writing by plugging it into my calendar as a "to do" item. Congratulations on getting your first shot! My husband and I had our first dose 10 days ago. Now, with new weather-related supply delays, we just have to worry about getting our second doses on a timely basis.

  5. I especially like the paler iris Anna. I have two dark blue varieties in the garden which are practically identical and didn't realize there are more pale ones out there. I grew one called Catherine something or other years ago ut was not impressed and it only flowered a couple of years. Such a pretty vase too. I coild feel the optimisim in this post Anna. Keep smiling!

  6. Both the varieties are exquisite. I wish I was an artist: if I painted the lovely markings I would still have to show a picture to show that they were not a figment of my imagination. My iris in the garden are getting better and better. I followed some advice to plant them very deep! Apparently after three or four years to lift and split too. Hope you are faring better than me after your is almost as if I have coved again with all the same symptoms as last year, but milder. It is nearly a week on, and I still need to rest. How better than to read all the lovely posts.

  7. They're just delightful and best appreciated up close. Planted mine in a border but they look lost in it. Next lot will go in a pot to be cherished at eye level. In any case the sun is more than welcome, enjoy it xx


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