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Monday 15 March 2021

IAVOM ~ Almost Spring In A Jar


Spring in my book has another few days to arrive with the arrival of the spring equinox on 20th March. The weather has been behaving accordingly with some very windy days and more rain. Today a little brighter in that we've seen some sun but there is a still a wind - less intense but still with a chilly sting in it's tail. I like to think that this is the final tussle between a stubborn digging it's heels in winter and an impatient and eager to get properly going spring. In my vase today are a collection of winter slowly morphing into spring stalwarts - hellebores, narcissus including the ever reliable 'Tête à Tête' and a trio of one of my last flowering snowdrops. I'm afraid that the hellebores lost labels a long time ago and the name of the snowdrop is not coming to mind. My snowdrop map has gone absent without leave but hopefully the penny might drop later and I will edit this post if it does. It is a lovely large snowdrop and is still looking good whilst most of the others are now finished for another year. 

If any one of you are snowdrop fans and also have an Instagram account - Jimi Blake from 'Huntingbrook Gardens' did a live broadcast from Huntingbrook on 21st February. His snowdrops and other winter flowering plants are fabulous. You will be glued to the screen! It's rather long so you might prefer to leave it until the evening or a rainy day - just sit down with a cuppa and you will be entranced.

With thanks as ever to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for all her encouragement to share our vases on Mondays. 


  1. Your vase is so lovely Anna, and really does show a floral transition from winter to spring! Such beautiful things. After such a long and dismal winter these long awaited flowers are so delicate and sweet. Real treasures. Amanda

  2. I wanted to go to Jim's garden when we went to Ireland but they rescheduled our ferry and we couldn't make it - I can see I shall have to sign up to Instagram!! Your vase really does shout 'Spring!' regardless of the weather and would make anybody smile. I do hope you find your map...have you had it this year?

  3. Your little tussie is beautiful, Anna, and sings of spring. I hope you get warmer and less windy weather soon to better enjoy the season's arrival.

  4. Lovely, I adore the anemone-flowered hellebores. I wish the weather would sort itself out, today we have rain as a change from endless wind.

  5. Just the right posy to welcome spring and hopefully get us better weather. Very blustery here too but thankfully with some sun. Wishing you a great start into the spring season, Anna :)

  6. Its often the very first or very last flowers that are particularly poignant. Lovely snowdrops and great to see some of your daffodils too, in your spring arrangement.

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments xxx


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