greentapestry : IAVOM ~ 'Flowers In The Rain'

Monday, 5 July 2021

IAVOM ~ 'Flowers In The Rain'

"I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain
Feel the power of the rain making the garden grow
I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain
Feel the power of the rain keeping me good"

It's been one of those days when after some heavy rain over the weekend there has been the occasional glimpse of blue skies and sunshine but also intermittent showers too. We did need a decent amount of rain though so it's doing a good job. The watering can has laid idle for a couple of days too. In my vase this week are mainly perennials which have been growing in the garden for a long time and a couple of annuals. The contents are:
  • Rosa 'New Dawn' - I had to have a few goes at picking a couple of stems only to be met with a shower of sodden petals but was eventually successful. She is the first rose we planted and although I regularly threaten to behead her as she does suffer from blackspot she has survived. This year she has a particularly good show of flowers.
  • Almost impossible to see but there is some alchemilla mollis in the vase also known as lady's mantle. This perennial as I'm sure you will know does have a tendency to self seed rather vigorously unless you are quick off the mark and remove the flowering stems as soon as they go over.
  • Some astrantia flowers but I have no idea of what variety they are. They do have a slightly off putting aroma about them but not everybody's nose picks it up.
  • The purple daisy like flowers are kalimeris incisa 'Charlotte'. This is an excellent trouble free perennial which has never seeded in my garden yet so I wonder if it's sterile. I bought my plant in 2014 and have divided it and intend to do so again. It has opened in the last couple of weeks or so and will go on for some time. It's a great magnet for pollinators and unlike asters isn't affected by mildew. There is a white flowered kalimeris too which I would like to track down.
  • Finally a couple of September sown plants in the mix - orlaya grandliflora and daucus carota. 
My post title comes from a song by 'The Move' that came on the radio with perfect timing yesterday as I was on the treadmill. The vase an old favourite passed on to me by my mother.

As always thank you to our generous hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for enabling us to share our vases each Monday. I'm looking forward to being inspired tonight by glimpsing what's in other people's vases. I must also mention that I'm also looking forward to watching the indomnitable Carol Klein's programme on Channel 5 later tonight in which she will be visiting the beautiful gardens at Wollerton Old Hall in Shropshire throughout the seasons. A notebook and pen will be by my side for both activities.


  1. Oh, I will record that pprogramme tonight Anna, or download it perhaps to watch on my tablet on the way to visit Elder Daughter tomorrow...on the train...! My New Dawn is flowering prolifically too, and I like it more each year - it was a gift and not one I had chosen myself. Do you condition the stems when you put your roses in a vase? You make kalimeris sound a most useful plant to have! Thanks for sharing today

  2. You really do select some lovely colour combinations.

  3. There will probably be a few of us watching that programme now that your reminded us that it is on. I've always loved looking out for good specimens of New Dawn when I am walking or cycling. You've made a lovely arrangement with supporting cast. Let us hope we get more rain. I made the mistake of not planting out my daucus which Alison gave me until the spring. They grew rather well but faltered as they came into flower. On inspection the root had just grown round and round and not down. An example of learning from my mistakes should I grow these again.

  4. That's a wonderful pastel-colored confection, Anna. I wish I had more luck with roses - and any luck whatsoever with Astrantia. I'll have to see if I can access the Carol Klein special on this side of the pond - I always enjoy her presentations.

  5. Roses and astrantia are just so romantic Anna! I wish I could see Carol Klein's programmes here, but there are so many hurdles to getting bbc here! My parents recorded one of Coton Manor which is very close to them and we have visited it countless times. By the way, I have a Kallimeris incisa called 'Madiva' and it is almost white with just a tinge of purple pink when it opens. It hasn't opened yet though.


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