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Monday 23 August 2021

IAVOM ~ 'Monday, Monday'


I had to pinch myself today to remind myself that it was indeed really time to pick some flowers for 'In A Vase On Monday'. For the first time on a Monday this month it is sunny and there is not as much as a whisper of a breeze. What is more the forecast is set fair for the week ahead! Not a heatwave in store but a settled dry week which will be a good end to the month which has been generally most unlike summer.

In my vase this week :

  • Cosmos bippinatus ' Double Click Cranberries' - I sowed just the two cosmos this year and 'Purity' the other was in my vase last week. This is much shorter and is just only really getting going as I didn't sow the seeds until mid-April I think. However last time I sowed this variety they were still producing flowers well into October so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The odd flower here and there isn't double but I'm not bothered about that.
  • A few persicaria flowers  - I don't know which variety.
  • A button or two of dara carrotus 'Purple Kisses' which were sown in the greenhouse either in March or early April at the latest. I will be sowing some of these next month when I plan to sow seeds of several hardy annuals.
  • Finally some shimmer from hordeum jubatum commonly known as squirrel tails grass. None of the grey squirrels I regularly encounter have tails like that otherwise I could even become fond of them and risk a stroke or two. These were sown last spring and have overwintered coming back as much bigger plants this year. I will leave them in and see what transpires next year but may sow a few more next spring as a back up. 
Of course my sunshine vase had to be my choice for today inspired by the weather.

Thanks as always to the lovely Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' who came up with the idea of sharing our vases each week and has encouraged us to do so over a number of years now. Time for me to get back to filling my green bin which is due to be emptied at the crack of dawn or thereabouts tomorrow. I will be back later to see what delights are in other participant's vases later on today.


  1. I've never seen a cosmos so full of petals/

  2. The rich pinks in your sunshine vase are lovely Anna, and I like the effect of the hordeum - interestingly some of the latter have self-seeded here, as I didn't sow any this year. Well done on your plans to sow annuals now- I have kept dithering and more or less decided against it although might relent for nigella and cerinthe if I have some seed. I have just ordered some perennial seeds from Chiltern though

  3. You do Cosmos very well, Anna! I love the new-to-me squirrel tails grass as well. I'm glad you're enjoying good weather. We've had a pleasant stretch of weather over the last several days ourselves (although no rain of course) but the heat is expected to return mid-week :(

  4. What a pretty vase Anna! I do love the flower of carrot - is it wild carrot that has become a garden flower these days? I am not sure. I love seeing them growing along the roadsides and they have such fantastic seedheads! Your cosmos look fantastic. I must plant some next year, I haven't got any in the infant garden this summer! A

  5. Cranberries is one I come back to year after year although they are more often than not single recently. You clearly have a better crop than me too… mine just haven't taken off yet! They look lovely with your purple Dara carota. Hope that sunshine sticks around for you. I am tempted to write off summer here as it is so wet and chilly. Quite unusual for us in August!

  6. Isn't that squirrel grass a dramatic addition! I've never grown cosmos myself as I feel it needs so much space, so looking at your blooms is a treat.


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