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Monday, 13 September 2021

IAVOM ~ Summer's Lease

Well summer's lease is certainly rapidly slip-sliding away with just a few days of the season left. All but one of my flowers in this week's 'In A Vase On Monday' will fortunately make it well over the seasonal dividing line. In my vase this week are :
  • Phlox drummondii 'Cherry Caramel' - a half-hardy annual grown from seed. I like it but find it on the straggly side. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? I must research it's likes etc. in more depth. This was the very last vestige of it for 2020. It has been in flower for some time although the flower heads do vary slightly in colour, some more attractive to me than others.
  • Dahlia - (far left) which I have been calling 'Senior's Hope' all year but am beginning to think that I have had a senior moment or two and that it could possibly be some other name! Again further investigation is called for and update of posts if required. 
  • Daucus carota 'Purple Kisses'- a hardy annual again sown from seed this spring. I have just sown some to hopefully flower earlier next year. The kisses do not live up to the name coming in a range of shades from purple, pink and through to white but they are all most pretty and delicate. I've included a seed-head in the vase.
  • Finally a couple of flowers from rudbeckia hirta 'Sahara' - again grown from seed. It hasn't been it's best year in terms of germination or flowering but it looks as if it is going to pull out all stops with the imminent arrival of autumn.
Thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for bringing about and nurturing this lovely meme. It gave me the prefect excuse to take a break from a most frustrating and unfruitful online appointment booking experience and subsequent telephone call this afternoon. After unsuccessfully holding on the phone for over half and hour with much internal growling I put the phone down and headed out in the direction of the garden and felt all the much better for doing so. Looking forward to seeing what's in other vases later.


  1. Very pretty! I fixated on the dahlia that might be 'Senior's Hope', which reminds me a little of the 'Gitt's Crazy' I'm growing - not in terms of color but with the difference in color of the upper and lower sides of the petals. I sympathize with your frustration trying to book an appointment. I had a similar experience recently and, after 40 minutes on hold before finally reaching a human being, I got an appointment for a medical scan on December 29th at 8am, the earliest one available!

  2. What a frustrating phonecall and without a satisfactory conclusion either. I have just about reached a successful outcome about very delayed payments for our solar panel electricity, but it was a physical letter starting a complaints process that finally triggered this conclusion after emails and aborted telephone calls... Anyway, creating a vase is far more satisfying! I shall definitely persist in trying to grow Sahara because your blooms are gorgeous - your two are probably as many blooms as I had altogether �� The daucus is a nice touch and I hope you reach a satisfactory conclusion about the name of your dahlia!

  3. Such pretty colours in your vase Anna! The colours seem to transition beautifully from summer to autumn! I have been really enjoying the flowering carrot plants this year. I must try and get some for the infant garden when it grows up a bit next year! Amanda

  4. The phlox is so striking - what an unusual colour, but very attractive. And the Rudbeckia also gets the thumbs up from me. :-)


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