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Monday, 16 May 2022

IAVOM ~ It's A First!


This week's vase just had to include :

  • The first ever ranunculus that I have ever managed to get to flowering stage! I have had a few attempts at growing ranunculus in the past but have never managed to get them this far. The fact that they were a named variety 'Champagne' and cost more than what I have paid for ranunculus in the past may well have something to do with it. I planted the corms in February in a tray under cover. I resisted the temptation to give the tray some bottom heat on the sand bench and watched eagerly for signs of growth. Sure enough I eventually saw signs of shooting and six of the ten corms I planted took off. They were eventually transferred to individual pots but I lost one when they were still quite small. There are more blooms to follow - not in copious quantities but they will all be treasured especially the couple that look as if they will be a coral/salmon colour when open. I haven't cracked ranunculus growing yet but will definitely be planting some claws in the autumn and hoping for sturdier plants which will produce even greater a quantity of flowers next spring,

  • Thalictrum - 'Black Stockings' I think and perennial . I planted this in 'The Lockdown Border' in 2020 and it has now really clumped up well and has several flowering stems this spring. The photo makes it look more pink than it is in the flesh. The dark stems are most attractive too,
  • Some flowers from geum 'Totally Tangerine - three of these were planted in the 'Lockdown Border' in 2021 with varying degrees of growth. The one that has been in flower since  late March seems to be on steroids and hasn't stopped flowering since. I must start to deadhead them soon.
  • A couple of sprinklings of the grass 'Briza Maxima' which has conveniently and so far considerately self seeded about here and there.
  • Lastly some of the deliciously scented biennial hesperis matronalis also known as 'Dame's Rocket'. I always think that the scent is more pronounced on a warm evening.  These were sown last June or July. 

Thanks to Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for encouraging us to share our Monday vases. I wonder what spring sparklers are in other folk's vases this week.


  1. Bravo on that beautiful ranunculus...I love the flowers and colors you chose for the vase overall!

  2. Oh well done for your ranunculus, Anna - perhaps you have encouraged me to try again too...with a named variety perhaps? I have an establishing Black stockings too, but with only one spike I will not be cutting it this year - yours looks so pretty, especially alongside the hesperis. Much as I love the briza, I don't like its tendency to seed into every paving crack, so sadly I tend not to encourage it and pull the seedlings out

  3. Congratulations on the Ranunculus bloom, Anna! Honestly, they're hard to grow here too. Most of the bulbs I planted this year did absolutely nothing. I love your Thalictrum, which of course is another of the plants that won't grow in my garden. I'm still trying to get Geum to bloom but I'm about ready to give up.

  4. The vase is gorgeous all around. I share your excitement for achieving the ranunculus flowering. Nursing some pouty ones myself! I had beginner's luck one year--stuck a few in the ground and forgot about them, discovering them later in flower. Never again. Enjoy your week.

  5. I can appreciate the triumph of growing these beautiful ranunculus. Congratulations, and the colours you have paired it will add a certain summer opulence. I like the flowers on the Black Stocking.

  6. Congratulations on the Ranunculus Anna! The Thalictrum adds some froth to your 'Champagne' - it's a lovely deep pink. Pink and orange go so nicely together. :-)


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