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Saturday, 7 May 2022

May Musing

" The growth is a remarkable thing during these weeks between spring and summer. If you could hear it, there would be a tangible hum, made from a million buds breaking and stems flexing. The tide of green sweeps up and over bare earth, cloaking it as fast as the leaves fill out above us. Blink and you miss the soft marbling on the new leaves of the Epimedium and the dusty bloom of the overlaying the ruby young growth on the 'Molly the Witch'. Blink again and the first of the peonies will be open - primrose cups filled with bees.

The flurry of spring perennials starts the summer garden. One layer takes over from the next, replacing and adding like an increasingly complex textile".

From 'Natural Selection' by Dan Pearson.

If you enjoy Dan's writing and have not come across it yet he produces an excellent online gardening, growing, cooking and making magazine most Saturdays over at 'Dig Delve' together with his partner Huw Morgan. You can also subscribe to have it sent to your inbox.

May is such a beautiful month and although my favourite of the month I've noticed a distinct lack of May musing on my blog. I hope to return with another snippet or two as this magical time of year unfolds.


  1. The Solomon Seal is beautiful, they stems are like the stonework on a vaulted stone ceiling with the sunshine reduced to a green glow beneath the overarching leaves.

  2. That is a lovely extract from Dan pearson's book. I used to like reading his articles when I had the occasional English magazine, but had forgotten about him. So I will lookfor his website. Thanks Anna!

  3. I love May too - it's my birthday month.

  4. Yes, he has a pleasing way with words - I must check out Dig Delve. Thanks for sharing this, Anna

  5. I have Dig Delve in my Feedly already. A few lined up as I catch up on blog reading.


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