greentapestry : A Week Of Flowers, 2022 ~ Day 1

Wednesday 30 November 2022

A Week Of Flowers, 2022 ~ Day 1

I think that this is the third consecutive year that Cathy who blogs at 'Words and Herbs' has so kindly invited us to participate celebrating 'A Week Of Flowers'. It hits just the right note as we enter the darkest of nights in the northern hemisphere and flowers are thin on the ground. My flowers today are one of my favourites in the shape of galanthus, more commonly known as snowdrops. Some people think that they all look the same but this is definitely not the case. They vary tremendously in height, breadth and colour of foliage and also in the shape and colour of the markings on the flowers. These exquisite little flowers belie their delicate appearance and flower in the coldest months from autumn onwards well into spring. Those in my photo were taken in my garden at the start off the second week in February this year. They are galanthus 'Lapwing' - a variety which is easy to identify because of the distinctive markings and clumps up well.  

A big thanks to Cathy for the invitation! 


  1. It was only this gardening year that I discovered the multitude of snowdrop varieties. Spotting them in late Winter is wonderful as it heralds Spring.

  2. Hi Anna, so lovely to see your snowdrops. They do bring light to these dull days. I always think of you when I see photos of them. Many people do have them in their gardens here, but I have never managed to get many established. I think I had three flowers last spring!

  3. Can't wait for snowdrops to appear in my garden next spring. I've been slowly adding a few different varieties and it's true that there are visible differences.


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