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Monday, 28 November 2022

IAVOM ~ 'The Spider From Mars'


Just the one bloom in this week's vase from chrysanthemum 'Spider Bronze'. This is new to me and came about courtesy of of a birthday gift voucher earlier this year from my dear sister. I treated myself to some chrysanthemum plug plants amongst other goodies. There were two varieties but this one is ahead of the other and perhaps the most striking of the two.

I've had mixed joy with chrysanthemums in the past having lost most of them. I did have a couple at the allotment plot which were most happy and hardy. They were nameless gifts from fellow plot holders but sadly I forgot to lift them when I gave up the plot. Yet other experiments have ended in abject failure. Still I am determined to persevere as to have such colour at this time of year is most heartening. This beauty is described as a tender perennial so will be coming in under cover for the winter. My friend who I gave some of the plug plants to thinks that they will get through the winter in her sunny south facing front garden, so I'm happy that she is going to experiment and will await her report in the spring with great interest.

After discussion with aforesaid friend and sister we have come to the conclusion that such a lovely flower merits a different name. Leading contenders include the words star or fireworks. What say you?

The little vase is a special one gifted to me and hand painted by my mum.

It's a thank you as always to Cathy who blogs at 'Rambling In The Garden' for her impeccable hosting. I'm looking forward to seeing what is in other vases this week but first on a sunny and still day, lunch and then some bulb planting before the sun sets all too quickly is the order of the day. The week is set to get much colder as it progresses so it will be good to get out there without the need for restrictive layers and gloves.


  1. Beautiful mum and the flower goes so well with the vase from your Mum. I hope they last for you.

  2. The Spider from Mars is out of this world as far as beauty and form are concerned. To have such a bloom at this time of the year is quite special Anna.

  3. I hope you got your bulbs planted Anna! Your solitary bloom is a wonderful thing to see at the end of November - how about Firecracker for a name? I am going to try again with some other chrysanths next year, Anna, but I am glad it is not just me who has issues with them

  4. I agree that Chrysanthemum deserves a better name than the perfunctory 'Spider Bronze' label it was given. 'Fireburst'? 'Starfire'? The Chrysanthemums sold locally here are sorry things, trotted out as hostess gifts for our Thanksgiving holiday, they generally languish in pots until they're tossed out at Christmas time. There are online nurseries based in other parts of the country that sell Chrysanthemums that bear more attractive flowers and I've been tempted to try one (or 2) but I fear that our summer conditions would kill it outright.

  5. Fabulous! You have the perfect vase for it too! Defintely some kind of star… maybe 'Amber Star'? Or how about 'Bronze Dazzler'?! Hope the bulb planting is complete now. We had some nice still weather, but no sunshine yesterday. The sun is rare at this time of year here.


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