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Monday, 16 January 2023

IAVOM ~ Thereby Hangs A Tale

 This week's vase is still a work in progress - as you can see the flowers are still to fully open. I don't often buy flowers these days but this week after seemingly days and days of relentless rain, wind and grim grey I felt in dire need of some instant sunshine. Ordering an online grocery delivery I was tempted to order two bunches of daffodils although perhaps three would have filled the vase.  

I would usually greet the delivery driver and then unpack the shopping but couldn't this Saturday afternoon so delegated the task to himself and presumed that he had executed his duties efficiently. It was only later in the evening when I remembered that I had ordered the daffs. I searched high and low expecting to come across them hopefully in water somewhere about the house but to no avail. I then asked himself if the delivery had contained two bunches of daffodils. The reply was a firm no. Puzzled I wondered whether I had simply forgotten or whether my flowers had gone astray in the delivery van. I checked the order and yes I had indeed ordered the daffodils. 

By then I was thinking that I should contact the company to enquire about the missing items but decided to check with himself again. This time I asked whether there was anything in the delivery that wasn't in some sort of packet or tin or other form of containment . Well he said and after some consideration came up with a head of broccoli, a red pepper and a bunch of spring onions. "Are you sure there were spring onions?" I replied having no recollection of ordering spring onions. The reply was in the affirmative and he informed me that they were in the fridge salad draw. I went into the kitchen, opened the fridge, pulled out the salad draw and there were the bunches of daffodils staring me in the face! They were very tightly in bud without as much as a peek of yellow showing but they were definitely not spring onions! Needless to say I laughed loud and long and so did he when he realised the error of his ways. 

The vase was part of a Christmas or birthday present of one of those bulb kits - containing coir discs and muscari. The muscari not surprisingly didn't flourish but I hung on to the vase.

Thanks as always to Cathy who blogs at 'Rambling In The Garden' for her excellent hosting skills each weeek.


  1. Oh Anna, I did have a good giggle at your spring onion incident!! And admittedly the 'giant' spring onions that Aldi sell look ridiculously big and next time I am in I will have a look and see if they might be mistaken for daffodils! 🤣 I am sure you will be able to enjoy the cheeriness of your vase for some days to come - and I am sure my Mum had a similar muscari jug and a similar lack of success with hers... we should all make a point of taking them back to the store (if they are supermarket gifts) if they don't grow, shouldn't we?

  2. What a delightful tale which made me smile. At least chilled they came to no harm, but maybe it was a good idea that you had also not left instructions for your husband to made something like a stir-fry for supper. With a little warmth, you will have a lovely arrangement of golden daffodils within a day or two.

  3. That 's a hilarious story, Anna! Your search is something I can imagine happening in my own home as I expect my husband could easily confuse daffodils in bud with onions. I'm glad you found your daffodils and I expect they'll bring you joy as they unfold.

  4. Oh, what a great tale Anna! Reminds me of when I sent my other half to buy some leeks… he came back with spring onions! LOL! I hope the daffs have survived their ordeal and will open fully for you. The Muscari vase is lovely as well!

  5. That made me smile. I have heard of the bulbs being mistaken for onions but never the flowers. At least in the fridge they kept fresh,


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