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Monday 22 April 2024

IAVOM ~ Pink Champagne


It's another Monday and so a fresh vase is now residing on the kitchen windowsill and will brighten my view when I'm at the kitchen sink. In my vase this week are :

  • Ranunculus - I'm improving when it comes to growing ranunculus but still haven't got it right. More stems were wonky than straight and I struggled to find three to stand up nice and straight in a vase. These were planted in a tray back in the autumn and have been grown under cover. I must admit to neglecting them a bit and perhaps should have moved them in to individual pots not long after sprouting so must try to remember this next time. They were bought as ranunculus' Champagne' - a mix of coral, peach and salmon colours but I think that somebody forgot to tell them and they have all produced ruffled pale pink veined flowers. Not a colour I would choose but still pleasant enough.
  • Accompanying the ranunculus are a couple of stems of lunaria annua variegata alba, also known a variegated white honesty, which conveniently self-seeds each year. As well as shining in early spring and attracting pollinators, the papery seed-cases make for effective Christmas decorations either in vases or used in seasonal wreaths.
The vase is a relatively cheap and cheerful purchase from the florist just a few doors away from my hairdresser. I'm kicking myself as I forgot to pop in to the shop last week when I had a hair appointment to see if there was any new stock. Oh well I will just have to call next time.

Thanks as always to Cathy who blogs over at 'Rambling In The Garden' for hosting. It's much appreciated and I do look forward to peeking into other vases every week.
It is still trying to remember that it is spring here with the weather still trying to find an improving and steady pattern. Still more seeds have been sown, there has been some potting up, my tomato plug plants have arrived and this morning we planted some seed potatoes before the inevitable rain descended. I hope that you enjoy your week and that you are able to spend some of it in the garden.


  1. That is so pretty Im not a Gardner, MY husband does it all , never can get it to grow
    Laura -- Funwithisandthat

  2. Well done on the ranunculus, Anna, even if you don't think much of the colour! Their frilliness is almost, inreal, isn't it? 😉 Perhaps I will try again for next year as I have not chnaced it for a few years... That's a pretty little vase you have used - and a usefully located florist's shop!

  3. I'm almost surprised when the bulbs/tubers/corms I plant bloom in the colors that were advertised, Anna! Your pink Ranunculus are nonetheless very pretty. I only have periodic success with those plants too - the one I managed to grow well this year was a leftover I'd planted last year that popped up without any attention whatsoever from me!

  4. Love that green glass and my that Ranunculus is so beautiful.

  5. Lovely green and flowers are very pretty!

  6. How pretty! The pink Ranunculus is lovely, although I do like peachy colours too. It is difficult to find seed of just the colours you like, isn't it. I have sown some Abutilon this year and am hoping they don't all turn out to be red and yellow as the peachy ones are the prettiest! Annual Honesty has never got established here… I must try again. The perennial grew well in my old garden and I still have some of the seedheads from it! I do hope you have some nice gardening weather Anna. It is about time we all got some dry and warmer days suited to pottering! (It is 2°C, and windy with snow flurries here today. Brrr!)

  7. The Ranunculus are lovely, Anna. I’m waiting and hoping for some of mine to make an appearance - I have only two appearing above the compost so far and I think there should be six. The vase you have your arrangement in is very unusual and one I really like. I was surprised when you said it was a cheap & cheerful buy! The lunaria and the ranunculus make a great team and they both look perfect in the vase.


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