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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Feeling Rosy - The Sequel 2

This is 'Félicité Parmentier', the second of the roses that arrived from Peter Beales Roses in January as bare rooted plants.

I was most taken by her when we visited the Queens Garden at
Sudeley Castle
, Gloucestershire last summer. As far as fragrance is concerned it does not make me swoon and probably does not carry on the air. Himself gave it the nose test and the verdict was ''lemon sherbet" which I thought was spot on. I am still most pleased with her as a new addition to the garden. I am now trying to decide on a clematis as a companion. She should grow to about 4 feet high and have a girth of about 3 feet. Suggestions would be most welcome.


  1. What a beautiful rose. Lovely!

  2. Hi Anna~~ Beautiful rose. I love the tissue paper like blossoms. I think a small-flowered clematis, just a shade or two darker than the rose would look lovely.

  3. Hello Anna

    Good plants those Beales roses.

    I bought six ramblers for the pergola, all are in rude health, not climbing much but no disease and flowering.

    Yours looks beautiful. It's a true 'rose' colour.

    Been a bad year for the roses down here. Too dry. Last year was exceptional. A wet May and a drying trend through early June led to an astonishing first flush.

    Do you feed yours?

    I second what Grace Peterson suggests by the way.


  4. A lovely delicat rose needs a delicate clematis and Viticella Vernosa Violocea is delightful dainty faced and not to robust so shouldn't swamp the rose. I think if you cut back again say about late March and tinker with timing you should get the clematis flowering after the rose ( I am assuming the rose is not repeat flowering). There is a photo in a couple of places of it on my blog.

  5. This is one of my favourite roses,Anna.In my experience,living in Lincolnshire,she is not the first of the old shrub rose to open, so that might affect your choice of companion. I grow not a clematis but campanula lactiflora with her- and I really like the combination ;-)

  6. Wow--isn't it amazing what looks so bare when it arrives turns so lush only months later? :) Very showy rose.


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