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Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Worisit ?

I was recently chatting plants with my sister on the phone as we are wont to do. She told me that she had found a plant in her garden which she does not remember planting :) Her verbal description of "Well it's sort of like a frilly white iris" left me scratching my head, so she promised to email me a photo which arrived today. A brief description accompanied the photo "It was in flower about 2 weeks ago and about 12" tall. Just two leaves from the base of what could be a bulb but don't know for sure and quite a fleshy stem"

I am still scratching my head - it looks familiar but I am unable to put a name to it. I will be getting the reference books out but maybe some kind and knowledgeable person might be able to shed light on its identity.


  1. Id does look familiar Anna - but I have no idea what it is - I am sure someone will know.
    Love the Poppy picture in your sidebar,

  2. I think its a Hymenocallis Festalis. I bought some this year which havent flowered yet but I still have the large labelthat came with them and the picture looks the same

  3. I was thinking that it looks familiar too Karen but still unable to put a name to it ! You are quite right - somebody has come up trumps :)

    Thanks so much PG. I have googled and it definitely looks as if that is what it is :)

    Hi Rob and many thanks. It's also known as a Peruvian daffodil :)

  4. I'm with the Hymenocallis. I bought some bulbs many years ago but they did not do well and never flowered, sadly they were not frost tolerantnd I left in a cold green house during the winter so lost them how careless of me.

  5. Whatever it is, it looks lovely!

  6. Whatever it is, it's very pretty. It's funny when things pop up you don't remember planting.

  7. Glad you were able to get the answer you were is a pretty flower indeed!


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