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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Alphabet's End



"Zucchinis terrific!
Like bunnies, prolific!"

~ Author Unknown

When my Italian mother first came to England in the 1950s zucchini were not an item stocked by greengrocers much to her disappointment. So when my father got an allotment in the 1970s one of the first vegetables he grew were zucchini,using seeds sent by Italian relatives. His first crop was viewed with great suspicion by his plot neighbours but they soon became converts.

I have carried on the family tradition and would not be without zucchini plants at the allotment. This year I am growing 'Romanesco', 'Defender' and 'Green Bush'. The zucchini in the above photo are the first of the 'Romanesco' which we dined on at the weekend. The onions in the pan are also from the allotment. I added some tomato sauce to the pan and the final concoction went down nicely with a plate of pasta.

As we reach the the zenith of the alphabet more zany posts on the letter Z can be enjoyed at ABC Wednesday kindly hosted by Denise Nesbitt.

P.S. Fifty years on zucchini abound on supermarket shelves but greengrocers sadly seem less prolific on our high streets.


  1. Hi Anna~~ I picked my first two zucchini yesterday. I steamed them and tossed them with pasta. I think your dinner looks divine.

  2. Isn't zucchini the same as aubergine? I always get confused.
    And it looks good enough to eat. If you were to take out the mushrooms (sorry)

  3. This looks delicious, Anna! I planted zucchini in my garden again this year, even though the last time I planted it, I had so much that I was putting it in everything:) We have zucchini available on our supermarket shelves, but it's ridiculous to pay so much money for something that grows so easily!

  4. I also grow zucchini! I freeze enough every year to last the winter. My husband loves the zucchini muffins I bake. He eats two every morning for breakfast all year long!
    Happy ABC Wednesday!

  5. I've been checking my zucchini regularly waiting to have some to pick. It's taking it's sweet time though. Yours looks delicious!

  6. Oh, yes, I remember the serious lack of exotic fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer! And I'm with you in mourning their loss, too.

    We got bananas and oranges and lemons, of course, but calabrese and zucchini and peppers, aubergines and so on were just not available. And I remember how exciting it was when the strawberries arrived for just a few short weeks!

  7. I'm growing Defender too and have just picked the first baby courgettes (!) of the season :)

  8. Anna thats looks delicious, I have grown 3 types of Courgette( I love the sound of Zuchini !) 'all green', yellow, and round Italian green ones, ( I don't know the names off hand) They are being picked every day and I love them. I am glad your garlic is doing well.


  9. Hi Anna, I'm growing zucchini (though I find courgette easier to spell!) for the first time this year and was amazed at how quickly the fruit forms--it went from flower to 8-inch zucchini (plus a few smaller ones, and this is in a pot!) in the week I was away. I love eating mine steamed and in zucchini bread--yum! :)

  10. My daughters each grow zucchini so I'm lucky - plenty to keep me fed without weeding! :) Your dish looks tasty, for sure.


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