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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Between The Rainbows and Sprinkles

Between the rainbows and many lengthy sprinkles I have been :

  • Getting much pleasure from the new bird feeding station that I can now gaze out at from the comfort of the settee. I had spotted one in the RSPB catalogue and had dropped a hint to himself that this would make a welcome Christmas gift. Out and about on my travels though I came across the same model at good old Wilkos for less than half the price, so Christmas has come early. There have not been so many birds during this month's wet spell but I have seen robins, great tits, blue tits and blackbirds visiting. Now I need to get a photo whilst they are munching.
  • Running regularly into the greenhouse to see whether my sweet peas have germinated. These were sown on 1st November and I have been watching their activity or lack of it like a hawk. Well yesterday I could not curtail my patience any more and did what I should not. I gently stirred beneath the compost with my finger and was so pleased to see signs of green. I used to sow sweet peas in October to overwinter in a cold greenhouse but found that they they made too much growth before winter and became rather straggly by spring. So last year I moved to a November sowing which worked well. I have sown 'Matucana' again for its scent. I have also sown 'Albutt Blue' which is supposedly also highly scented.
  • Finding it impossible to get to the allotment to sow my Solent Wight garlic but I have planted some cloves in cells in the greenhouse. I have also sown some 'Douce Provenance' peas in cells to overwinter in the greenhouse. I have not done this before so it will be interesting to see how they do. The forecast predicts a break in the wet stuff for Tuesday so I hope to do the business then at the allotment with the remaining garlic.
  • Reading avidly - books, catalogues and camera magazines but more on these subjects to follow at a future dare.
  • Finding it harder and harder to walk past the sulking pile of unplanted bulbs. In fact I think that the pile is multiplying daily so I have resisted Avon Bulbs tempting sale, well up to now anyway. My conscience may stir me into action soon says she hopefully.


  1. I've got a very similar bird feeding station. The birds seem to love the goodies on offer. I bought a couple of these for Christmas pressies last year too and the recipients were overjoyed with them. There is an award for you on my blog, I hope you will accept it.

  2. Great feeding station, it looks very similar to mine :)

    I sowed some Sweet peas and they come up within 3 days! (sowed them last week i think) They're now a good 10cm tall and i'm really worried what I'll do with them over winter... They're just growing far too quickly. Arghhhh

    Good luck with yours!

  3. Hi Anna~~ You inspire me. I should sow sweet pea seed too. Our winters are mild enough [knock on wood]. I love your feeding station. I want to get a dual shepherd's hook too oneof these days. Yours, with the water dish, genius! I bet the squirrels can't invade. I look forward to seeing what you're reading.

  4. I like the feeding station - good design, i normally just hang the feeders in the trees, but if i had a staton i could have then closer to the house to watch - sounds like a plan. Though at the moment the garden is still so full of berries that if i fed the birds they would all be obese, think i'll wait a few more weeks, All the best, Cat

  5. Very nice feeding station. It's going to be lots of fun to watch! I never thought about starting Sweet Peas so early. I had no luck with them this year, I hope next year will be better.

  6. Good morning to you Anna on this rainy November day. I like your bird feeding station it it so pretty, I bet your birds are all happy now.

    xoxo Tyra

  7. What a great station, Anna! You will get a good variety of birds with those offerings. Having it in view of a comfy seating area is the best to help get us through the winter months. You have inspired me to try some sweet peas inside too. I have not really found the perfect time to sow them as yet, in or out. We do have some sugar snap peas barely hanging on outside, but they are not what one would call vigorous. :-)

  8. I too enjoy watching birds at the feeders... and have spent many a happy weekend afternoon looking outside instead of watching TV or reading! Because I really like chocolate or candy sprinkles on ice cream, cup cakes, puddings, etc., my first thought was "Mmmmmm, sprinkles!" It's actually been a sunny November here, not much rain at all... and I wouldn't mind rain to settle in all the leaves I've put down as mulch. :)

  9. A true bird buffet.

    I look forward to seeing the images of the sweetpeas next year.

  10. That's a great bird feeding station Anna - you will be able to capture some good images of your visitors I'm sure.
    I know what you mean about bulb planting, I have a similar pile awaiting my attention ... its been so wet and dismal though. Hopefully the weather will be on our side this week.


  11. Have lot's of fun watching what I hope will be many visitors to your 'station'


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