greentapestry : 'I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In'

Saturday 21 November 2009

'I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In'

~ almost a month earlier than last year. This is galanthus plicatus 'Three Ships' which is much more advanced than it was at this time last year. I can only put this down to the mild autumn we have had up to now. The flower is now on the point of opening fully but it has been too dull and/or wet to take another photo today. Last year I was delighted to see that my original bulb had multiplied. This year it looks as if I may now have four bulbs ! I had a good look at my small collection of galanthus or snowdrops earlier this week, on the rare occasion when there was a break in the rain. Quite a few pots revealed little snouts of green already poking through the grit dressings, so I hope that it cools down soon to slow them down. Apart from 'Three Ships' none of the others should flower this side of Christmas. I can't wait to see the latest additions to the collection i.e. 'Icicle', 'Greenish' and 'Cowhouse Green' hopefully flower this winter for the first time.

I was please to be the recipient of this Best Blog Award earlier this week, most kindly bestowed upon me by Jo over at 'The Good Life' .Thanks so much Jo. I am glad that you think that my blog is worthy of such an award and I appreciate your regular comments.

I must now pass this award on to other blogs who I think deserve such an award along with these instructions ~

Post the award on your blog along with the name of the person who passed it on to you and link to their blog. Choose 15 blogs which you have recently discovered and you think are great and pass it on to them. Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Well I am afraid that I am going to break the rules and instead would like to nominate ten blogs that I have recently discovered and have been enjoying. I hope that they will accept this award. If you have not already come across these blogs I hope that will visit them soon. They are :

Wisteria and Cow Parsley
Green Theatre
Jean's Garden
Gardening With Latitude
The Violet Fern
Tales From A Cottage Garden
Midges,Moss and Mud
Gwirrels' Garden
Blue Gate Gardens
Secrets of A Seed Scatterer


  1. Congratulations Anna.

    Snowdrops so early. Have you ever been up to Cambo in Scotland. They've got an amazing collection. I've never been, but have marvelled at various images.

  2. Wow, snowdrops flowering already? I have a lot of Iris coming up already but none are about to flower!

    How wonderful :)

    Also, thank you very much for the blog award!

  3. Snowdrops here wait until April... Have you had a warm spell or is this normal for 'Three Ships'??

  4. Thank you Anna for this award - I now have a matching pair! I look forward to checking out the other lovely blogs that you have nominated.

    The tiny tips of snowdrops are just peeping through here too!


  5. I love all snowdrops and particularly like the name of this one as well as the early flowering. I am showing great ignorance in not realizing that snowdrops were even named cultivars rather than species. Having some so early would be such a treat, worth searching them out. And a big congrats to you for the award, and for picking such nice ones to pass it along to. I am familiar with some and will look into the others. :-)

  6. Congratulations. I think the early Snowdrops are particularly attractive and more exciting when they are the first up. Yours is quick off the mark.

  7. Congratulations on your award Anna, you so deserve it, I have throughly enjoyed following your blog.

    Thank you also for picking mine, it has really made my week :o)

    Rach xx

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE snow drops and have yet to plant some here. So enjoyed your picture. My mother gave me some - said they were snow drops - but they turned out to be a type of daffodil - ha! Joke was on me. I will definitely be planting these next fall.

  9. Poor little snowdrop it looks really sweet but a bit lonely. Anna I must ask where is the photo on your header taken, it is so pretty and it goes perfect together with your blogs name too.

  10. Anna, thank you so much for the award! I love your blog and am honoured that you have noted mine.
    I have posted my response on my blog :) Cheers!

  11. I'm so pleased that you have accepted the award, Anna. I love following your blog, it's so interesting. I will be checking out the blogs which you have nominated too.

  12. Galanthus are lovely; I think they don't thrive in my climate. Wonder if it is because we don't have snow?

    Thank you for nominating me for Best Blog, Anna. I appreciate your vote of confidence.

    After much deliberation, and so many other bloggers awarding to 10 or 15, we're going into overlap, so I'm declaring everybody who participates regularly on Blotanical as a Best Blog.

    I will link back to you, which is the originating principle of these memes, to get links back. I hope it will increase visitors to your delightful site.


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