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Friday, 6 November 2009

The Grouch

Finally emerging from my hiding place under the bedclothes after the cacophony of noise that accompanies Guy Fawkes Night, I forced myself out today to stock on supplies for the weekend. The smokey aftermath haze had evaporated and there is a much cooler feel to the air. Like Elizabeth over at Welsh Hills Again, November is one of my two least favourite months of the year the other being February. I think that Thomas Hood's poem 'November' sums it up so well - here is just an extract but it says it all :

"No sun - no moon !
No morn - no moon -
No dawn - no dusk - no proper time of day.
No warmth, no cheerfulness, no healthful ease
No comfortable feel in any member
No shade, no shine, no butterflies, no bees
No fruits, no flowers, no leaves, no birds ! -

Further to this just a few other observations that I have made me even more grouchy :
  • Nearly all the leaves on the trees have now floated off into the stratosphere. We live in a hollow just off a busy main road. In summer the leaves give us a lot of cover but at this time of year the feeling of privacy disappears. I almost feel naked now when I go out into the garden. The traffic also seems noisier - it probably isn't but it seems so.
  • Going up the lane from the house to the main road I notice that more empty bottles and cans have been discarded at the side of the lane . Once more I need to don the rubber gloves, find a bucket and go and clear up after somebody else. I could bat for England on the subject of litter but will save that for another day. A large stick carrying the remnants of a firework has also descended from the skies. I wonder about the statistical odds of being hit on the head from a descending firework on Guy Fawkes night. This thought will keep me occupied for the rest of the day.
  • After nearly a week of copious amounts of rain what once was a golden ground cover of crunchy leaves is now a slithery morass of slush. Yeeeeeeeugh !
  • Aforesaid rain has prevented any work at the allotment this week. I had been busy incorporating manure into the raised beds but have been stopped in my tracks. The rain has also preventing any bulb planting in the garden. The pile of bulb packets sits sulking giving me dirty looks whenever I pass. When will the rain cease? After a couple of dry hours it has just started yet again.
  • It seems to be full blown Christmas in the shops. Where has the magic gone ? Why can't they wait until 1st December before putting up the decorations, lights and other paraphernalia ?
  • Last though not least. The patch of eczema on my hand, that plagues me every winter has appeared in the last couple of days. Now maybe that's the main reason behind my general state of extreme grouchiness.

Oh well there's a ray of sunshine in all this doom and gloom. At least I can look forward to curling up on the settee to watch the glitter, glamour and grace that is 'Strictly Come Dancing' on November Saturday nights. Does wonders for a girl's spirits.


  1. Hi Anna

    Well, November is miserable. Pretty much same weather as December except that we still have Dec, Jan to come.

    February, I'm always impatient for spring and then we get a march blast.

    Enjoy strictly!!!

  2. I get into those same types of moods too. We've been getting horrible rain and wind and hail the last couple of days which have prevented me from getting outside.
    It looks like Strictly Come Dancing is like Dancing with the Stars here. It puts me in a good mood too, even my 3 year old likes to watch. Hope you get some dry weather and your show cheers you up.

  3. It has been a pretty grismal (grey and dismal) November so far hasn't it? I like Autumn when it is sunny and crisp but all I have seen for days is rain and darkness, no wonder it gives us the blues.

    At least there are some sequins on a Saturday night to cheer us up.

    RO :o)

  4. Yep, glad I am not the only November grouch out here!

  5. Well lets be grouchy old women together (not suggesting that you are old !!) I have had the same problems, stopped in my tracks spreading manure at the lottie and not being able to plants my vivid orange tulips. Oh well before we know it spring will be here !

  6. I really feel the lack of privacy as well, when the leaves fall. There are two house on the escarpment that I can't even catch a glimpse of in the summer, and now I feel like they are watching my every move.
    But for me, the longest and cruelest month is February. Even though it is the shortest, I feel like it will never end and spring will never come!!!

  7. Hi Anna~~ I know what you mean. This time of year is always a bummer. We've been getting rain again but this is the quintessence of November and December and January and February.... the sun might return in May or June.

    This must be the British equivalent to our Dancing With the Stars. I hope your favorite couple wins.

  8. I always loathed November as a child because all I really wanted was December, but November had to stick its big nose in between Halloween and Christmas :)

  9. Yep it has been a horrid week.

    But - Strictly is from Blackpool tonight - (yeah baby!)

  10. A good post and good to have a grouch but here in Surrey, Saturday the sun is shining and I hope it is for you so you can get outside and potter and this will lift your spirits.
    I am such a grouse about fireworks I hate bangs and these days they are more like bombs going off. I can't abide the poluted air afterwards. I can't abide the selfishness that assumes everyone else should listen to their party irrespective others may need their sleep. But most of all I can't abide the waste of so much money spent on a few seconds of pleasure when there are so many needy causes for money.
    Grouch over and I am just back off into the garden.

  11. Some stores here have had Xmas stuff since freakin' September! I love Xmas, more than most, but ARGLE! That always makes me grouchy, too! :) But I like bonfires, and wish we had Guy Fawkes here.

  12. I reckon we'd be quite likely to get hit on the head by a firework on it's descent in my garden, I've hundreds of the things to go and pick up. We have a huge display near where we live and even my kids questioned the amount of money which must be spent on them when there are people who are not so fortunate as ourselves who could put that money to very good use.

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    I will forward Catherine's instructions about making the photo bigger


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