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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Garden Bloggers Muse Day ~ July 2010

'Sudden Shower'

'Black grows the southern sky, betokening rain,
And humming hive-bees homeward hurry bye:
They feel the change; so let us shun the grain,
And take the broad road while our feet are dry.
Ay, there some dropples moistened on my face,
And pattered on my hat--tis coming nigh!
Let's look about, and find a sheltering place.
The little things around, like you and I,
Are hurrying through the grass to shun the shower.
Here stoops an ash-tree--hark! the wind gets high,
But never mind; this ivy, for an hour,
Rain as it may, will keep us dryly here:
That little wren knows well his sheltering bower,
Nor leaves his dry house though we come so near'.

~ John Clare,1793 -1864

More monthly musing is to be found at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago kindly hosted by Carolyn Choi.


  1. I love the graceful lines of the tree. Great photograph. :) And the words were perfect.

    Hope July is wonderful for you!

  2. Far be it from me to detract from a delightful verse, but we could do with a shower right now. 35c today and ver dry.

  3. A lovely poem, Anna, but I am glad that all our sudden showers have halted for awhile. Some of my flowers had perpetually muddy feet:)

    Yum, do those strawberries on your last post look delicious! My favorite thing to do with excess strawberries is to freeze them or to make freezer jam--both so simple, and do those berries ever taste delicious in the winter!

  4. We had a shower overnight, but not enough rain to give the plants a good drink. I'll be out with the watering can again today.

  5. I love the poems you select. Do you have books of poetry on hand? :)

  6. Gosh I wish it would rain here, my gardening consists of mainly watering and hiding from the sun at present.


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