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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Melancholy Gentleman



After a two week absence abroad it is good to be home although we have returned to wild and wet weather more reminiscent of autumn than high summer. Just as well that I took this photo of one of my favourite flowers the astrantia before we left, as there have been no opportunities to amble in the garden today. One of the common names given to this plant is melancholy gentleman which seems most apt in all the rain. Much more on the letter A over at the amazing ABC Wednesday.


  1. I have some Astrantia in one of my flowerbeds. I put in two plants a few years ago - I really should have planted more for a more striking display.

  2. What a beautiful and complicated looking flower. Sorry you had to come home to some less than pleasant weather.

  3. Lovely flowers, beautiful photo and a great choice for the A day as we begin Round 7! Good to see you back! Hope you had a wonderful trip, Anna!


  4. Beautiful flower...I have learned something new -- I am not good with flower names...bkm

  5. Glad you had a good time Anna. LOve the astrantia, using tons of it at the flower shop right now.

  6. Hi Anna, I have never seen this flower before - what a sweetie it is! Hope your holiday was wonderful. :)

  7. That is a very beautiful flower. Looks like a pink party lady to me, not a melancholy gentleman!

  8. An astounding flower - I've never seen one and immediately fell for it. It's a beauty!

  9. So delicate, so gentle ~~ I would love a vase of them on my kitchen table.

  10. It looks so pretty! Mine just has leaves this year, guess I'll have to wait til next year for a bloom. Hope the weather improves.

  11. Astrantia are such a striking flower, I love them. I'm hoping that this weather improves as we're going on holiday in the UK on Friday.

  12. Dear Anna, Like you, I love Astrantia although I had not, until now, heard them referred to as 'Melancholy Gentlemen'! What an intriguing name for them.

  13. I'm SO bad identifying flowers, tho these ARE lovely.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  14. Welcome home, hope you had a great trip. I love Astrantia--something I plan to grow next year. :)

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  17. I've never heard of these flowers, but they are rather gorgeous, and I'm thinking I should look to see what conditions they like. Maybe I can plant some in my own garden!

    I love the name 'Melancholy Gentleman' too. As you say, most appropriate for rainy weather!

    On behalf of the team, welcome to ABC Wednesday, Round 7 - and thanks for taking part this week! :)

  18. Lovely flower. I've never seen these before and wonder how they got to be melancholy gentlemen .(wonder if that pink is a clue?!)

  19. They look so fragile - but most beautiful. Love their appearance right before they fully open.

  20. Just lovely. I've never seen one before. Welcome home in time for ABC.

  21. a lovely photograph.. very beautiful flower..

  22. Anna, I know I'm so late - have been absent but am catching up. This is a new one for me, and so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!


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