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Sunday, 25 July 2010

''One Potato, Two Potato''

New potatoes ~ what utter deliciousness but at one point I thought that I might be counting my 2010 harvest on one hand. I thought that the potatoes were going to be the equivalent of last year's tomato failure. I have not grown potatoes in the ground before but this year having extra growing space at the allotment, I made the decision to plant two raised beds up with potatoes. My earlies are the tasty 'Lady Crystl' which I was introduced to last year by my lottie neighbours. The first disaster that befell them was when they were caught by the late frost we had in May. Oh how sad they looked having previously looked most healthy and vigorous. More experienced lottie neighbours advised that they would perk up and catch up but they have not flourished since. They limped along, did not gain much height and never flowered. Some of this may well be down to the drought we experienced in June and my haphazard watering regime. 

All the tomes I read advised that you can start harvesting once the flowers are done and dusted. What if you never get flowers? There is no advice for those for those of whose who are in this predicament. Still I had a rummage or two and to my surprise have unearthed quite a few tubers which have proved more than edible. The good news is that there are still more to come and although there are certainly not enough to see us through the winter or to fill the hessian sack I bought in anticipation, there are more than I thought there would be. In the meantime I am pleased to say that the other bed, planted with the maincrop' 'Pink Fir Apple', is faring much better and I am looking forward to the tasting thereof. 

The post title is a reference to a chidhood counting rhyme which some of you may be familiar with. I wonder it is known outside the U.K.

"One potato, two potato, three potato, four 
Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more
One potato, two potato, three potato, four
Five potato, six potato, seven potato, more"


  1. Dear Anna, Oh, the trials and tribulations of allotment growing. I really admire your stamina as I know full well that I should not have the patience or the energy required to keep everything thriving.

    But, how marvellous your own homegrown potatoes will be. There wil, I am certain, be nothing to compare on any supermarket shelf. Pink fir apple......delicious.

  2. I am in the American South, and I well remember the one potato, two potato rhyme from my childhood. I have never grown potatoes before, but I think I will try next year. I imagine home grown potatoes would make the best potato salad ever!

  3. I love new potatoes - yummy! I remember that rhyme well from my childhood. I think we stacked our hands in fists on top of each others while we chanted it.

    Glad to hear the allotment is going well! :)

  4. Yes, we know one potato, two potato. We are that sophisticated, HA! Many of my potatoes, which I grew in a tub, did not flower, but they all seem to have formed spuds!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comment Anna. Glad to hear you had a good holiday in the sunshine.

    We've had no significant rain for weeks here and the kitchen garden has suffered in the drought. It's been perfect weather for getting out and about however! Hopefully I will have better luck next year with my veg growing attempts!


  6. We did the one potato rhyme in school, slamming our fists on top of each others as hard as we could, boy, kids are cruel!
    The potatoes look fab.


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