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Saturday, 9 April 2011

Catch Me If You Can!

It seems that all of a sudden that the traffic lights have turned to green and that everything has accelerated at once. No time to press the pause button now.  At the allotment the newly planted apple trees are settling in - more leaves have unfurled each time I visit. I think that I could see blushes of potential blossom today. The garlic is shooting up and the green tops of shallots have now broken through the soil. The raspberries and white berry are already showing their first sprigs of potential fruit. I have planted the first lot of potatoes - one row of Nicola, whilst the rest of the bed is planted with the most unromantically named BF15, which I am hoping tastes better than its name. The rest of the beds are cleared and are awaiting planting up as spring progresses. In the greenhouse I have pricked out the tomatoes this week. Cucumbers and courgettes are through, whilst beans and basil are sown but have still to show signs of life. Time for a full inventory soon just to remind myself where I am up to. For once I have managed to keep up with labeling until this afternoon, when a rather loud buzzing near my ear distracted me from the task in hand.  Result : I now have two different types of tomatoes suffering from an either or identity crisis. Now that I've gone off the straight and narrow there are bound to be more incidents.

There has been a similar spurt of growth in the garden too at ground level and above as the trees are flushed with that delicate magical growth of early spring. So much happening all at once and this weekend the first plant sale and garden visit of the season. Before I disappear into a veritable all consuming haze of green, I would like to point you all in the direction of Allotment Heaven, where the lovely Maureen has a great giveaway on offer. This would be of particular interest to any rose lovers as it is a copy of David Austins new book 'The English Roses'. Good luck!


  1. Hello Anna

    You are quite right about everything going full ahead. I feel I want to shout at a few of my seedlings "not so fast!", but its like holding back the tide - impossible once it gets going. So exciting though isn't it?

  2. It's full steam ahead now. This gorgeous weather hasn't done anything to hold things back, in fact, quite the opposite, everything seems to be happening so much faster than in previous years.

  3. Hi Anna, Don't you just love this time of year? Everything is so full of promise. Good luck with the tomato IDs.

  4. HI Anna, First thanks for the giveaway mention. I had to laugh at your tomato identity crisis ! I am always doing that, mine last year was with my courgettes and I gave away all my long yellow courgette plants thinking they were green, and didn't have one left for myself !! This year I am being extra careful SO FAR !.
    Have a lovely week
    M x

  5. Anna, how exciting to have Spring in full gear. After reading this post, I have to go make myself a salad! :)

  6. Hi Anna

    Full steam ahead. Hopefully you'll recognise the tomatoes once they set fruit.

  7. Love this time of year Anna, a real sense of growing everywhere. Bliss.
    P xx


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