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Monday, 4 April 2011

End Of Month View - March 2011

Like last year March entered like a lamb and exited in a somewhat leonine manner. Despite the dry month growth is more advanced than last year and there is more colour in the end of month border. It remains a work in progress with plants being extracted and plants being inserted. Hence various pots are lurking with intent.

At the far end I have a tangle of the thuggish lamium galeobodon to sort out, whist at the near end I will need himself's assistance to remove the fatsia japonica which has simply got too big for its boots.  I have added more of the most cheerful little 'Tete-a-Tete' narcissus which are just going over now.  Brunnera 'Jack Frost' which was planted to near the front of the border has been lifted. I was amazed that it had flourished as well as it did as it was planted in almost rubble like conditions. It thoughtfully fell into two clumps as it was lifted - the smallest of which I have replanted, whilst the bigger division is in a pot waiting for a decision on its future. The two hellebores which I planted last year did not flower but they are looking healthy enough. I was delighted to find a few hellebore seedlings on close inspection - maybe they might be the offspring of the beautiful 'Mrs Betty Ranicar' ~ 

Plants waiting to go into the ground include a white flowering pulmonaria and lathyrus vernus. The white pulmonaria was from the local Country Market but was nameless. The lathyrus a recent purchase to make up for the seedlings that I lost during the winter  ~ 

Meanwhile I am mulling over what to plant for interest during the latter part of the year. Hopefully this issue might be resolved by the end of April. This post was inspired by Helen The Patient Gardener's invitation to share our end of month views.


  1. Your Fatsia is looking surprisingly glossy and green considering the winter we had. Protection from the wall I suppose. Your Hellebore is lovely.
    My Lathyrus is suddenly in full flower without me noticing. A sign of how many different things are flowering now. Roll on summer!

  2. Hi Anna,

    Lovely round up, the Hellebore is stunning! You wouldn't be disappointed if I stole it, would you?

  3. I agree with easygardener your fatsia is looking very healthy, I would keep it or move it. Mine is looking more forlorn and yellowish and brownish!!

    Thanks for joining in again this month - love that you have the 'End of month border'!

  4. Your end of month review is always fascinating Anna. I keep meaning to do one on my blog. Your fatsia is looking mighty good, I wonder where its new home will be ...


    PS Off to read your creative photography workshop post.

  5. Your border is certainly springing back to life now that the better weather is here.

  6. Hi Anna, a bit late visiting your EOMV. Thank you for the insight. I had an thuggish Fatsia too and at te end of last summer decided to remove it, but didn't clear the roots properly. It is growing back with a "two finger" attitude - we will see who is boss!! Your two plants waiting to go in looks so pretty, love the white pumonaria - it looks so different.

  7. I've wanted a hellebore for several years but kept forgetting - except for this one. And now I'm disappointed. I hadn't realised (from photographs) how they hang their heads.



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