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Friday 6 May 2011

End Of Month View ~ April 2011

Rather late in the day but my efforts to take photos on the 30th April were thwarted by a rather gusty wind. At long last it calmed down enough yesterday for me to get out with my camera but I decided on a change of scenery for this month. I am sure that like me you are also getting fed up of looking at that overgrown castor oil plant that has been awaiting transplant for an age. So instead I am taking you back to the hellebore bank which I blogged about earlier this year here.  Now I am using artistic lisence and extending the garden boundaries slightly for this post. As I wrote in my earlier post "Our garden is bordered on one side by a surface water stream - on the other side of the stream there is a sloping bank which rises up to meet the main road. This area is about 500 square metres and contains some twelve mature trees which were there before us". I am slowly trying to plant this unadopted area up ~ earlier in the year there are snowdrops and I am also introducing some hellebores. However every year completely unaided and unabetted by me there is a scene which takes my breath away, when for a couple of weeks the area is covered with a foamy sea of anthriscus sylvestris, commonly known as cow parsley. The odd bluebell is thrown into the works. I can almost imagine that I am living in the country instead of just off a busy main town road.

The end of month view is hosted by The Patient Gardeners's Weblog each month and is a excellent way of keeping track of the seasonal changes in your garden.


  1. It was the cow parsley and flowering nettles which took my breath away during my recent country walk in Staffordshire. They're unexpectedly delicate and beautiful. Caro x

  2. It looks lovely, you wouldn't believe it was at the side of a busy road.

  3. Just's like a wonderful, white, frothy sea.

  4. Funnily enough, that picture looks like a tamer version of the view at the back of our allotment shed. I'm always amazed at how the Cow Parsley seems to appear from nowhere to form a miniature cloud topped rain forest.

    We've been given permission by our Site Secretary to reclaim as much of the woodland clearing as we want, but part of me likes having guardianship of such a wild place.

  5. My A. s. 'Ravenswing' is also blooming and I had sort of forgotten about it until you mentioned your green variety here which I just LOVE.
    Don't you just love how nature does things?

  6. In real life it gives me dreadful hay fever, but it's lovely to look at virtually!

  7. It does look very attractive and the lovely white froth shows to advantage in the shady woodland environment.

  8. I am really, really envious of the cow parsley... I know it might sound insane to some, but I've been trying to establish it in my meadow and got nowhere...


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