greentapestry : Garden Bloggers' Muse Day ~ May 2011

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Garden Bloggers' Muse Day ~ May 2011

'May Night'
'The spring is fresh and fearless 
And every leaf is new, 
The world is brimmed with moonlight, 
The lilac brimmed with dew.

Here in the moving shadows 
I catch my breath and sing-- 
My heart is fresh and fearless 
And over-brimmed with spring.' 
~ Sarah Teasedale, 1884 - 1933

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  1. A lovely picture for a lovely poem.

  2. I felt a breathe of fresh air as I read this. Lovely photo and poem!

  3. Are you brim-full of spring?

    Looks like April has been the warmest ever in the UK.

  4. It seems like we've already gone through May with the wonderful weather we had in April. A lovely May poem.

  5. I caught my breath even before I read the poem - a stunning blossom capture, Anna. I missed muse day this month so appreciated yours that much more.


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