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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men .....


AFTER EIGHTS! - not as in the chocolate kind but as in dahlia 'Twynings After Eight'.

Alas my attempts to have an artistic arrangement of dahlias at the allotment this year have gone abjectly awry along with a lot of other aims. I do have some new to me dahlias though albeit still in pots at home. This particular variety is most appealing I think with its white flowers occasionally streaked with pink and its dark foliage.

Away to ABC Wednesday for more adventures featuring the letter A.

P.S. Again this time around I am going to attempt to keep to a horticultural theme but may occasionally go astray!


  1. Your photos are stunning. I look forward to seeing many more.


    ABC Wednesday Team

  2. That's a lovely dahlia, I've not heard of it before so I'll be keeping a look out for it now.

  3. My mother raised dahlias. She had every color, and one variety that were the size of dinner plates.

    Your photo is stunning.

  4. Astounding and absolutely fabulous with that streak for accent. And another round of A-Z plants - you're a one woman plant almanac

    p.s. word verifier - amodu

  5. it's a pretty artsy plant on its own!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Beautiful dahlia, Anna. I can see why you like it so much.

  7. Used to have Twynings after eight but lost it in all the snow and ice last winter. Don't usually have to bring dahlias in down here in the south,probably have to in future. Love your photos, beautiful.

  8. Anna, that is a very elegant dahlia - quite different from the huge, blousy ones my mother used to grow and which I feared going near because they attracted ear-wigs! x

  9. Incredible photos, Anna! What sort of camera do you use?

    abcw team

  10. I too planned to grow my dahlias at the allotment this year, but mine are also in pots at home. They're not even flowering yet as they went in so late. I do like the Twynings After Eight, the lovely dark foliage makes the flowers stand out beautifully.

  11. I've concentrated on edible flowers so far, but I like the look of this dahlia - very beautiful and I'm pleased to learn of it's existence - and an easy name to remember for someone who likes both tea and plain chocolate!

  12. Dark foliage is always a plus with the humble dahlia.

    I'm growing 'Dark desire' which are a dark leaved variety.

  13. You have captured the simple beauty of those dahlias so well Anna.


  14. I love the pink stripe on them. It must draw Mr. Bee right in. Lovely photos, Anna! :)


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