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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day ~ April 2012

A spring time cameo featuring geranium phaeum, bluebells, dicentra specatablis (I refuse to use the new name), primrose, brunnera macrophylla, apple blossom, chaerophyllum hirsutum roseum, 'Solomon's Seal' and rhubarb flowers. The edibles are flowering at the allotment.

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day comes to us thanks to Carol over at May Dreams Gardens . I am recovering with a cup of coffee after a stint at the allotment, before heading out to the greenhouse for an hour or so. Hopefully later this evening there will be time to visit other gardeners to see what is blooming in their neck of the woods.


  1. I hope you're going to visit me, Anna, I need your address, you've won my giveaway! You can find my email address on my blog. Lots of lovely things blooming in your garden at the moment. I was at the allotment today and noticed our next door plot neighbour's rhubarb was flowering too. He has a huge patch yet never seems to harvest anything from it, such a waste.

  2. There's seems to be millions of primroses over here this year.

    I've a couple geranium phaeum, they always struggle for me? Beautiful colour.

  3. Crap. Did they go and change Dicentra now too? I'll stand by you, Anna and refuse the new name. (Foot stomp!) Your flowers make April such a pretty month!

  4. A nice April cameo from your garden, Anna. Lovely subtle colours again. Love that geranium, that’s one I keep promising myself to buy. Maybe this year :-)

    Wishing you a good week :-)

  5. So many flowers already! My geranium phaeum isn't out yet, but has sown itself around - it's a great gap-filler.

  6. Belated Happy GBBD Anna. Spring has just settled in and already your garden has a lovely assortment of flowers.

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  8. Anna, I removed my comment to correct a typo; now let me try again. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm interested to see how much overlap there is right now between what you have blooming in your garden and what I have in bloom in my more southerly Pennsylvania garden (although I don't have any geraniums in bloom yet). My blooms are all several weeks ahead of their usual schedule. Is that true for you, too, or are these the plants that would normally be flowering for you in mid-April?


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