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Friday 20 April 2012

Is There Room On The Shelves For .....

A couple of new magazines? Browsing through the gardening mags last weekend at our local  branch of a well known high street newsagents, I came across two new titles - 'Landlove' and 'Landscape'. Neither are gardening magazines as such but are a potpourri of items on gardening, cookery, nature and wildlife, country heritage and crafts as well as regional perspectives. Both publications apparently are aimed predominately at women over the age of 35 and are starting off as bi - monthly publications. Pricing is very similar - a difference of five pence between the two. Both contain introductory subscription offers. It will be interesting to see if either of them gives the well established 'Country Living' a run for its money.

Did I buy them after flicking through the pages? 
Yes - well the weather forecast was abysmal so little in the way of outdoor activity in on the cards and besides I've always had a weakness for magazines.

What I liked?
  • I greatly appreciated the fact that neither showered out a deluge of papers advertising all sorts of no interest to me, which go straight into the recycling bin.
  • The relative lack of adverts. I suppose though that this and the above point may well change in time.
  • The range of articles from wood crafting to owls from the Jurassic Coast to May Day festivals. Although I enjoy reading gardening magazines some of them become very repetitive, especially if you have read them over a number of years. Both these titles still delivered my gardening fix but it was supplemented with a welcome variety of other topics. 
  • Excellent photography in both magazines.

      What I didn't like?
      • There was some duplication - both magazines had features on bluebells and lilacs - not that I have got anything against either plant but I didn't really want to read about them twice. I suppose that some duplication though is inevitable with magazines that have a seasonal focus. 
      • The reader's letters in 'Landscape' - how can a brand new magazine have established readers? The postbag contained some rather contrived correspondence.
      • 'The Village Shop' in 'Landlove' - featured products with prices but did not have full details of stockists on the same page, or any direction to the glossary at the back of the magazine which contained this information.
      Will I buy them again? 
      A definite maybe occasionally on this score particularly if they remain bi - monthly but only one title at a time. Of the two I preferred 'Landlove' but why I find it hard to pinpoint. Has anybody else come across these magazines yet and if so did you enjoy them?


      1. Haven't come across them yet but will keep my eyes open. Nice to have a range of reading. The problem for many publishers is getting sufficient advertising to cover costs - so the thing that annoys us - too many adds and leaflets falling out - as actually the thing that keeps the publication going!

      2. I bought a copy of Landscape yesterday, for much the same reason as you, give it a go when the awful weather was going to keep me indoors anyway. I liked flicking through something new and shall possibly buy it again at some time, although I have to say I do rarely buy magazines these days, they all seem much of a muchness (bluebels and lilac!) and are so jolly expensive. I haven't come across Landlove yet - i'll look out for it next week and maybe just flick through in the shop. I thought the same as you about the readers letters in Landscape, but felt that they weren't really letters at all, just comments the fill the page until real letters start coming through! By the way, I haven't visited you before but shall go off now and return later to have a mooch.

      3. You're very naughty Anna, whetting my appetite like that. I may just have to forget about the ban I've set myself on buying magazines after reading your post. I agree with you about gardening magazines, they do become repetitive when you've read them for a number of years, but I still enjoy them, so these magazines would probably be a much better read.

      4. I picked up Landlove and wasn't terribly impressed - Country Living does it better - I think I'll stick with that.

      5. I think I saw Landlove at the airport last week and nearly succumbed, but we have a series of magazines practically the same here in Germany... I always have a couple around as they contain such a nice mix,with great photography. We started off with just one here (Landlust), and now there are 5 or 6. I'm sure they must be by the same publishers, even if the teams are different, so that could be the case in the UK too.

      6. Landlust - couldn't call it that here.

        Suspect that what has happened is that a UK launch was touted and two publishers ran with it. Both are pretty much the same, though in this household Landscape won out due to rhubarb recipes. Though neither cover things as well as Country Living.

      7. I'm sure I saw Landscape on the bottom shelf last week though I've still got to go back and browse through the pictures.....did it have a green piece of paper wrapped around the outside of it?

        I'm not one for buying many monthly magazines as I could buy a plant instead.........a few of us share the garden magazines we do get or other family members get and pass them around but I don't like all the ads in some of the more 'glossier garden ones'

      8. Rarely buy mags but appreciate the brilliant review Anna as could be one for the train journey instead of 'Railway Heritage'! Bit like gardening blogs, the widening of topics is refreshing even to a garden lover

      9. I found LandScape on the way back from Blogcamp. I flicked through but didn't buy. Usually I'd have hoovered it up - but then I'm so busy at the mo' I'm not reading my subscription magazines anyway.

        Lovely to see you on Saturday :)


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