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Friday 6 April 2012

Flowering Now

Flowering now and most welcome is the above clematis which I think might be clematis alpina 'Columbine'. I can't be sure as it is a case of the label/memory has long since gone. I have been looking at the excellent clematis resource 'Clematis On The Web' for a positive id but I am still not sure. It it is one of those quiet understated and undemanding plants, which in a short spell of time turns from a tangled twiggy mass to fresh green leaves and softly coloured flowers. Some years the flowers are more prolific than others - this year sadly they are sparse. I wonder if it's a consequence of last year's dry April. It considerately produces a second flush in some years but this is not always guaranteed. Sorting through my seeds recently I came across a little brown envelope full of fluffy seedheads so will be sowing these imminently. I may have a wait to see what the offspring produce but worth having a go. You can also take semi ripe cuttings from these plants later in the year. They originate from the mountains of Europe and north Asia and as their home and as the name suggests they are very hardy. Best of all as far as I'm concerned they do not need pruning. I'm hoping to fit another alpina (different colour) into the garden, so any recommendations would be more than welcome.


  1. It's VERY pretty - I do so love the little clematis. If you want a pink one, then Constance is very good (there's a picture of it on my latest blog post) and I also love Propertius (I think it would actually be my favourite), but that's not flowering yet so I can't show you what it's like, but it's on Clematis on the Web.

  2. It's such a pretty little thing. I have a clematis which flowers later in the year, but it's never really got going. It's a group 3 clematis, but no matter how I prune it early in the year, it never puts out enough growth to give plenty of flowers.

  3. Hi Anna,

    Is the photo true to its colour? It looks pinky but is it actually blue/purple? Kinda similar to my 'willy' but then again the alpinas are similar as Willy also sometimes blooms again later in the season :)

    Beautiful either way though!

  4. Lovely. I've got a white clematis in bud that I can't wait to see open. This will be it's first true year in the garden and it's covered in buds. I love the delicate alpina flowers and especially the colour of yours.

  5. The British Clematis Society might be able to help with a definite ID for your alpina.

    I have alpina blue dancer, which I'd definitely recommend, but you might think the colour is too similar to the one you've already got.

    I have a friend who's a clematis fanatic, and I know that like Su she has alpina constance, or if you want a white one, alpina purity (this is her clematis site - the photograph section has pictures of her alpinas on the group one page).

  6. That's a pretty Clematis alpina. I saw a white one recently that was in a very sheltered spot and was flowering like mad! I'm afraid I don't know the name though.

  7. Hi Anna

    Cheers for the clematis link. I'm getting quite into clematis. Have you seen 'Bill Mckenzie', not quite as subtile as yours above.


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