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Monday, 28 May 2012

All Boxed Off

The last week has passed in glorious sunshine, so much to do in the garden and allotment as well as the additional flurry of activity of getting sorted for our annual garden club plant sale, which took place on Saturday. Long time readers may remember this post. Well after temporarily retiring from the plant sale for a couple of years and just helping out on the day, I returned to having my own stall this time with the intention of raising funds for a particular allotment project. There has been much sorting out of plants and boxes over the last few days.

My good intentions of dividing lots of perennials earlier in the spring somehow got lost in the chill wet that was April so I had little to take that was in flower on the day. What was in flower though walked from the table in the first few minutes as it normally does on these occasions. With the allotment theme though I mainly had herbs and vegetables for sale. Lemon verbena or aloysia triphylla, which Cathy at Words And Herbs,  has recently posted about went as soon as it was stroked. Chocolate peppermint with its aroma of 'After Eights' was popular too. I wonder why. I was rather pleased with my selection of basils - cinnamon, lettuce leaf and lemon - something for everybody so I thought until the customer who only wanted Thai basil and no other. Oh well there's no pleasing some folk. So another plant sale done and dusted but I will be reporting for duty again at a local community event in July and am already wondering what I can possibly assemble for that occasion.


  1. Never say never!

    Good to see you've got your plant sale mojo back :)

  2. You clearly know your market - give or take a basil snob ;-) But the crucial question - did you raise enough for your project?

  3. It must have been a bit of a challenge getting everything together for a plant sale in the weather we've had this year. Hope you managed to raise enough funds for your allotment project.

  4. Sounds like a great day.There is always one isn't there? I've organised things in the past and have gone to great lengths to try to cover everything I can think of only for the first person to turn up and ask for something obscure. I'm sure some people see it as a challenge. Hope you managed to raise lots of money for your project. I'm always amazed by the number of different flavoured basils out there.

  5. Your selection of basils sounds intriguing! Does it really smell/taste of cinnamon?!
    Glad you got some nice weather at last!

  6. Your plants look really great, enough to tempt anyone.All your herbs sound delicious and I'm sure you must have sold out pretty quickly, well done.

  7. I have Thai basil, but only because my sister happened to give me a plant. Now a medium sized tree. I could give you cuttings for Africa!


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