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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Malvern Spring Gardening Show 2012

After much ado about mud and the weather we made it to the Malvern Spring Gardening Show. The carpet was pulled from underneath our feet, when with a couple of days to go, our campsite booking was cancelled. This was done with great regret as it is possibly the site's busiest time of the year but the ground was simply too saturated. If I had not already been in possession of the tickets, I think that we might well have stayed at home as the forecast for our journey down was looking pretty absymal. However with some gentle persuasion from himself and many phone calls later, we managed to find alternative overnight accommodation some distance away just outside Ludlow.

So we got there safely and enjoyed a rain free day on Friday. As usual there was much to gawp and wonder at. Congratulations must go to the exhibitors on putting on such a good show given the weather in the lead up - they are absolute stars. I am always fascinated by these insect catching plants though not tempted to grow them ~

I was bewitched and beguiled by blue:

Himself's favourite exhibit  ~ the machinery that brings the big stuff to the show ~

The only RHS gold medal awarded to a show garden went to to the team from Graduate Gardeners Ltd for their 'Place To Reflect Garden, featuring a living wall of ferns ~

A full list of all awards can be seen here.

I always enjoy the school gardens competition, which features gardens designed and put together by local primary school children, with a lot of input from their teachers and parents I imagine. As usual some of the children had time off school to be there and their enthusiasm and excitement was catching. The future is safe in the hands of tomorrow's gardeners ~

Finally what I most wanted to bring home with me (apart from in the plants category) ~

On reflection though I did not enjoy the show as much as in previous years and having been asking myself why. It could be because instead of being conveniently situated a five minute drive away, we were further away so did not get to the show until well after it opened. Not only was there less time to see everything in but I was galumphing about rather slowly and eventually sorely in my not recently worn walking boots. Was it more crowded than usual or was it my imagination? Perhaps it could be possibly be a case of show fatigue. We have visited the show regularly over the last two decades so we may take a break next spring. Himself was quick to note a regular Ludlow based event taking place this weekend, which appealed to him more than Malvern. Beer, bangers (classic cars) and bread were involved! Say no more.

You may well ask what came home with me in the plant department ~ that will be revealed later this week.


  1. Hi Anna, I was at the show yesterday. We'd been once before about 8 years ago and had an enjoyable day but I don't think I could go every year. My main gripe was that so many of the plant nurseries were selling the same plants. You couldn't get stirred for heucheras. I know it's spring and that is what is in flower but I couldn't find one shrub nursery. A plant doesn't have to be in flower to be appreciated and be purchased.

  2. It must have been a bit of a nightmare this year for the exhibitors with the weather we've had in the lead up to the show. I love that insect hotel. I keep saying that I'll make one myself but I still haven't got round to it.

  3. Hi Anna, We had a day trip to the show this weekend too: very lucky with the weather all weekend after the opening day's rain, but sad that previous rain made camping impossible for visitors from further afield.

    We particularly enjoyed talking to the nursery people at the stands in the flower marquee this year - they had more time and passion than the plant stands in the main shopping areas. The show gardens were mostly disappointing, and that whole area seemed a bit disjointed.

    We primarily went to buy plants this year, and weren't disappointed with those, though. The past few years we have been picking up a few plants and ideas for our burgeoning space. Now that the garden is establishing I think that this was the last year to go with the intention of buying more than one or two plants, so not sure how regularly we'll continue to visit in the years to come... Sara x

  4. I like to visit plant markets here in southern Germany but have to travel so far, so I only go every second or third year now... I think I appreciate them more then! A trip to a special nursery is on the cards this year instead of a show. Look forward to seeing what you bought Anna!

  5. Went 5 yrs ago when I was a lot fitter and could walk all day! Came home with some super plants and lots of memories. Lovely photo of the Meconopsis, think I would have been tempted by them!

  6. I gave it a miss this year, so it is great to read your thoughts and see images of what caught your eye. I do like the flower arrangements in jam jars in the top picture - and the meconopsis are lovely.
    Glad you found somewhere to stay eventually.

  7. What a lovely posting Anna... and the rain keeps falling :-)
    I loved the time to reflect garden that you've shown - it looks as if you could do just that sitting amongst the ferns!

  8. I watched Gardener's world at the show.

    That Ludlow food festival looks good. Ludlow is very much on the 'good food' map.


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