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Sunday, 20 May 2012

"Here Comes The Sun"

Rumour ..... has it!

Always my favourite Beatle ~ did you have one?


  1. Very much a George person too. Nearly all my favourite Beatles songs are in fact George songs. His thoughtfulness extended to his gardening. The recent documentary noted that he gardened by night as well as day, to make sure things looked just as good by moonlight as in the sun!

  2. There's no sign of the sun here yet, I wish it would hurry up and show itself.

  3. The sun has got his hat on today. Hallelujah! Been working at the allotment for three straight hours - the most I've been able to do for weeks. John was my favourite.

  4. I heard you're getting a heatwave this week....?
    Hope it's just some nice warm sunshine! :-)

  5. At last, out in the garden in a T shirt! wonderful to be able to get working once more in the sunshine. My husband and I worked at the bank in Liverpool where the Beatles opened their first bank account in the 60s! Paul was my favourite and they were the best group ever!

  6. I quite liked their music but was more into Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. As a young child I could never understand why people (girls) screamed at them! Anyhoooo, it's been a scorcher here today in London; super lovely except I was working and have only managed to water the veg this evening as all was looking somewhat parched - didn't think I'd be saying that so soon!

  7. Its here already Anna - hip hip hooray! Loved George, especially post Beatles.

    The plant photos in your last post are stunning - I see you are a dab hand with the macro settings!



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