greentapestry : Wordless Wednesday ~ 14th May 2014

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Wordless Wednesday ~ 14th May 2014


  1. So pretty, such a beautiful colour.

  2. Such pretty colours. Very nice! Is it in your garden?

  3. As Jo said, this such a pretty colour and it looks like a nice little clump you have. I have never had anything other than odd single irises and they look so much more appealing as a clump. Saying that, a clump I 'rescued' from school before I left is just beginning to do something, although it will be nowhere near as pretty as yours.

  4. Anna, what a perfect Iris. Just wonderful!


  5. gosh! i usually prefer my irises dark and bold, but i could be persuaded by this intriguing pastel specimen...


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