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Tuesday 19 January 2016

And The Winner Is .........

the lovely Shirley who blogs over at Shirls Gardenwatch! Please email your address Shirley so that galanthus 'Wendy's Gold' can wing her way over to you. 

The address is :

Many thanks to everyone who commented and entered the draw. I wish that there had been enough gold to share with all of you. I may though have the odd surplus bulb or two though as the year goes on so watch this space.

In other news it was cold this weekend and we saw some snow - not much but it was a relief to get some proper winter weather. the sort that might do some damage to the mollusc population. I'm not sure how the birds must have felt about it but keeping their refreshments topped up was a priority. I enjoyed being warm and snug inside looking out.

Illustration by Lena Anderson.


  1. I feel I missed out on something rather important ;). Lovely illustration, Anna, and as for the molluscs..I think they're snug and warm in their little hibernation caves!

  2. You will have to counter our disappointment Anna by occasionally publishing pictures of 'Wendy's Gold'!

  3. Well done to Shirley. Our loss is your game :-) we had some snow here too but it only lasted a day. We also kept our birds well supplied with nibbles. Not sure what has happened to our goldfinches as we haven't seen them for ages. They are preparing well ahead of the big Birdwatch weekend when all our regulars seem to go into hiding.

  4. Oh... what a lovely surprise to discover this tonight, Anna! Thank-you :-) Staying snug indoors, bird feeders topped up, a mug of tea/coffee and a comfy seat by the window is a great way to enjoy snowy days. Unfortunately for the blackbirds they are an easy spot on the snow and two were caught by a Sparrowhawk in my garden today - within 5 mins! There must be at least two males hunting over my garden. I guess they have to eat too. Only a few brave birds came out of hiding after that :-(

  5. Oh how wonderful - enjoy your gold Shirley :)

  6. Thank you for my bit of gold Anna,I am so thrilled with it.

  7. Thanks for all your comments. Wendy has now made her way safely to Shirley.


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- Anna.