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Monday, 4 June 2018

In A Vase On Monday ~ 'The Heat Is On'

Every Monday Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden' invites us to share our flowers and leafy loveliness in a vase. This week's pickings mainly come from the allotment where I'm spending what seems a disproportionate amount of time at the moment. I was quite excited when the weather forecast was predicting cloud and cooler temperatures today as my allotment plot is almost all in sun. The only shade is offered by area around the gate. However once again the forecast was adrift and my plans to work there all day were curtailed as I could feel myself overheating. Still progress is being made albeit slowly as I catch up from my allotment absence during early spring when it was so cold and wet. Those days are already seeming a dim and distant memory.

In my vase are :

  • Some salvia officinalis or sage flowers which most popular with the bees.
  • Allium schoenoprasum or chive flowers. Sometimes I scatter the flowers over salads - just a modest amount as they are quite peppery.
  • Centaurea cyanus or cornflower to give them their familiar common name. These are dark flowers which seem to have been swallowed up in the photo. Blue would have been more effective in the vase but there was only a solitary open blue flower. The plant is a self seeder which I moved from one bed to another back in March. It is a sturdy and flourishing plant which is mysteriously sporting  black flowers and one blue flower to date.  Maybe it is two plants rather than one. Lesson learned - I will be sowing cornflowers direct come September. 
  • The yellow roses are not from my plot but come from a wilding that grows on the site. It seems to survive quite happily with no special attention from anybody.
  • Sambucus also known as elderflower. These frothy heads were picked from the elderflower on the other side of the stream which runs alongside one the the garden boundaries. I can see it from the kitchen window and love the way the flowers light up at dusk. 
  • Finally a grassy head of two of luzula nivea from the garden. 
The crystal vase was a retirement present from a colleague and the tablecloth came out just because the vase looked as if it needed it.

Thanks as always Cathy for your most excellent hosting of 'In A Vase On Monday'. I must apologise to anybody who had problems commenting last week. Blogger has imposed changes on the comment system and not for the better. A special thanks to anybody who had to persevere to make their voice heard. I have been muttering about changing to Wordpress for some time and am thinking that will be a priority on the to do list once the sun stops shining.


  1. Pink and purple...what can be better...especially yellow roses!

  2. It has been surprisingly hot and I too have been overheating. I have so much to do that I just have to get on with it but I'm making the most of the morning and evening. I should be out just now! I never thought of picking elderflower but it is so pretty I'll have to go and look for some.

  3. It's a lovely collection of blooms, Anna! The elderflower is a perfect filler, something I wish I had more of in my own garden. I keep hearing of the heat in Europe - it's strange to hear that you've been warmer than we have. As our marine layer beats a retreat, though, we're warming up too and, sadly, fire season has already begun in Southern California.

  4. I love that yellow rose Anna, and I think I now know why I am not keen on most roses - because they are usually red or pink! This one is definitely my cup of tea, especially with the elderflowers. :)

  5. Warmer than California? Gosh :) We had it cooler here today with little sun evident, but I was out and about visiting and things so have not done anything in the garden today in this 'better' garden weather. Hope it is cooler for you soon. It is good to see your various opportunist allotment pickings - and your cornflowers self seed, you say? I will have to look out for that. Thanks for sharing and for your email (and yes to Greg's creations!)

  6. That’s a beautiful rose for a wildling.

  7. Lovely as always! Heat didn't last long but it was good whilst it lasted :)

  8. Apparently blogger have made changes to the comment section to met the requirements of the data protection act. Because of this I believe they have stopped supporting Open ID which many non google bloggers used.

  9. I love the colours in your vase, Anna, and am often tempted to bring chive and sage flowers indoors for a little posy on my desk. At the moment I have some allotment foragings in a jug - leek alliums and hydrangeas in bud. Weird but strangely beautiful! Glad you pointed out changes to Blogger comment system. I've had no comments, just bundles of spam on my blog recently. Also my go to browser (Opera) won't let me comment on blogs at all so I have to switch between browsers. So annoying!. I'm also considering changing to WP, but need a few days to be able to think clearly about swopping over as I'd hate to lose ten years blogging!

  10. I'm getting up earlier and earlier to avoid the heat (already), so I understand your dilemma. Do you use the Elder flowers to make syrup or sorbet; it is delicious, I can recommend it. A very pretty vase.

  11. Such a pretty colour combination and I love the froth of elder.


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