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Monday, 11 June 2018

In A Vase On Monday ~ Little & Large

 No it's not the comic duo I'm referring to when it comes to ' In A Vase On Monday' but the size of the respective vases.

The first is a quick as lightening picked and plonked effort put together early this evening. The day has been one of those with no chance to get out into the garden until late in the proceedings. In my vase are :
  • The first pickings of calendula 'Sunset Buff', grown from seed, all the flowers so far varying in shade and shape. I'm not sure whether that was meant to happen but still a gold star so far. Sown under cover on 17th March the first flower opened last week. Time still to get a second batch sown methinks.
  • Some sprigs of an old favourite in the most easy going perennial that is alchemilla mollis.
  • A few little white buttons of another old favourite, the lovely ranunculus aconitifolius, commonly known as 'Fair Maids Of France'. This is an easy going shade loving perennial. It's one of those which goes completely underground relatively early in the season until the following spring.

Now to my second vase. I would dearly like be able to say here is one I made earlier but ...... this was on the 'Flowers From The Farm' stand at the RHS Chatsworth Flower Show last week and I think that it's simply too fabulous not to be shared. I thought that it might be of special interest to Alison who is currently setting up a flower farm business. I am not going to attempt to name the flowers except from the red rose which I found out is 'Hot Chocolate', a rose that I have read about but have never seen in the flesh before. It's gone on to the wish list and no ..... it doesn't smell of chocolate. If only!

Thanks as always to our excellent hostess Cathy over at 'Rambling In The Garden'. Your invitation to share our flowers each week is much appreciated


  1. Love your little vase with calendula.....and my goodness that is quite a second vase. I would love to learn how to make these large ones, but I would have no place for it....but great to look at!

  2. No calendula flowers for us yet, when did you sow the seeds?

  3. I love your little posy with marigolds. Have never seen Fair Maids of France before but it reminds me of the plants my Mum used to grow and we called them Bachelor's Buttons (incorrectly I think!). And a big Wow for the second vase. Gorgeous!

  4. Your arrangement is very sweet and I love the inclusion of ranunculus aconitifolius. I've had a plant for a few years and love the sweet blooms. Thanks for sharing the second huge arrangement. That's a lot of flower power!

  5. Both vases are wonderful, Anna. I'm very pleased to learn about the ranunculus being a shade loving plant, and will probably invest in some seed. The second vase from Chatsworth is a stunner - although I admit I thought you'd done it yourself at first! Some wonderful flowers in there but the stone vase really pulls it all together.

  6. Love the colour of the Calendula and your little posy is charming as always. The Chatsworth one is just so sumptous, don't think I'd ever have the heart to pick that much but I enjoy looking at the creations of others all the same...and I guess they've millions of flowers to choose from. As I'm writing it's raining (again) and I wonder if summer will ever come our way. ;) Have a good week xx

  7. That's an interesting calendula, Anna - I have grown Snow Princess (?) this year and she is proving to be equally variable. Love that ranunculus - have we seen it before? (any little rooted bits going spare...?)And doesn't the alchemilla look good with the other contents - quite special really, and why we dismiss it so readily as thuggish, I don't know. Thanks for sharing

  8. Your own vase is lovely but I am pleased you shared the beautiful arrangement from Chatsworth. Just shows what can be done with some home grown flowers!


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