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Saturday 22 May 2021

Diary Update


Well almost a fortnight since my last diary post so I'm not doing brilliantly so far. I would love to say that I've spent a lot of time in the garden of late but that is sadly not the case. The weather has often been cool, windy and very, very wet and almost unlike May. It will be interesting to see what the weather statistics are at the end of the month. 

The table of plants in the photo is my haul from a plant sale last Sunday. This was far less chaotic than our first in ages plant fair visit in April and it was comfortable to browse. I came home with astrantias, thalictrums, a geum, a couple of pulmonarias, an actaea and a veronicastrum 'Fascination'. I have never grown a veronicastrum before. Three of them are plants that I have had before and lost. Astrantias 'Gill Richardson' and 'Burgundy Manor' both got suffocated by too many plants surrounding them and my lack of care whilst the lovely dainty thalictrum 'Hewitt's Double' has lived here before on at least one occasion and slowly fizzled out.

Planting out the September hardy annuals is still underway. I hoped to get them in by now but the weather gods have conspired against me. The foliage on some of them is looking slightly anaemic but hopefully they will perk up once their feet are in the ground. I will also treat them to some seaweed feed. It will be the turn of the half hardys next which are still in the process of being hardened off.

The French beans - both the climbing 'Cobra' and the smaller 'Ferrari' have been sown as well as 'Sweet Basil and 'Mrs Burn's Lemon Basil'. My little courgette plants look quite sturdy. March sown sweet pea plants are in now in the ground planted at the base of a wigwam.

I want to sow one or two more annuals before the end of the month so need to sit down before the weekend is out and make a list. I'm also thinking of splitting some of my biennial seed sowing over May and June so better add them to the list too. Only a handful of varieties though.

In other news a lovely blogging friend - you know who you are, sent me a couple of dahlia cuttings as well as a cutting of salvia 'Phyllis Fancy'. I've also welcomed half a dozen little bit healthy and happy scented pelargoniums from 'Fibrex Nurseries' a company which specialises in pelargoniums. Finally all this wet suff means that the weeds are growing! 


  1. Good luck with your dahlia cuttings (how nice of your blogging friend!), they are my favourite flowers. It looks like you did well at the plant sale.

  2. Your new plants all look scrumptious, how wonderful to be able to go to a plant fair! My weeds are also growing at a fast rate of knots, goodness knows if I will keep up with them!

  3. I’ve been acquiring plants for a new border too. Isn’t it exciting

  4. That looks a lovely haul, Anna 😉 What pulmonarias did you buy? It's always interesting to read what others are doing when, as it can prompt us into action - like thinking about biennials! I planted the last of my annuals ibto the cutting beds yesterday, although the antirrhinum and Rud Irish Eyes were still smaller than I would have liked. I decided planting them out might be as advantageous as potting them on again. I shall wait before I plant spares out elsewhere though. Feeding them sounds a good idea - comfrey feed should work as well as seaweed, should it?

  5. You've chosen some good healthy looking plants there Anna. I look forward to seeing how 'Fascination' does. It looks fabulous in all the magazine pictures. I hadn't grown veronicastrum until I bought Veronicastrum virginicum Album, acouple of years ago. It is taking its time clumping up, but this year I shall have more than two stems. Happy Gardening.

  6. A delightful selection which should give you lots of happiness, fingers crossed. I find Thalictrums very tough and absolutely adore Veronicastrum although they did better in the cooler climate of my Swiss mountain garden where they grew indecently tall. Looking forward to seeing your treasures in place. Slug patrol may be needed if it's as wet as it is here. Have a good week xx

  7. That is a lovely collection Anna! Astrantias are something I adore, but I just don't have enough shade. And you have a Geum! (I had one in my vase yesterday) Have fun planting.... hope your weather is warmer than here!

  8. I enjoy the plant fairs it is great to see them operating again. Looks like you have a good haul there.


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